Testimony from trip to Guadalajara,Mexio

I’ve known Pastor Victor for over a year now and I’m amazed at the quality of exposure I’ve received to the manifestation of God’s Spirit.

First let me give you a little background information about myself.
I’m a 21 year old male in my senior year at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) studying biology and public health to enter the profession of medicine. I was born and raised in a Pentecostal church where the manifestation of the Spirit through speaking in tongues and its interpretation through prophecy were normal.

We occasionally had healings but not in regular, direct way as Pastor Victor has operated. I met him as a guest speaker at my church and through subsequent visits, he invited me to attend one of his trips. I quickly agreed because evangelists like Pastor Victor came operating in the gift of prophecy but I wanted to see God move in a more powerful way outside the church building through healing and miracles that I’ve read about in the Bible. I went with Him and his ministry, It Is Easy, to Guadalajara, Mexico 27 August – 1 September 2008.

When I arrived from my flight, I met the Ground Mission Coordinator, Pastor Carlos, and two other pastors who welcomed me with warm hearts and became like spiritual fathers to me for the duration of the trip. After talking with Pastor Carlos on the ride from the airport, he quickly found a place for me to serve in the crusade.

Acting almost like his secretary, I had the opportunity to serve the whole group as Pastor Carlos needed. This taught me good, practical lessons on servanthood in the Kingdom of God that Jesus clearly mentioned in teaching His disciples. In serving as Pastor Carlos’ second hand man, I was up front where Pastor Victor was ministering. I was able to see first hand the miraculous healings of God to those in need of physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental healing.

There were two miraculous healings that stood out in my mind. One was of an elderly man in his 60s who used two canes to walk, one in each hand. His gait was in strides short, taking about 6 inches per step. After Pastor Victor asked him if he wanted to be healed, Pastor Victor takes his canes, throws them to another pastor and tells the man to walk to one side of the stage. He does so and then Pastor Victor instructs him to walk around the theatre. By God’s grace he does so as well, even to the point that the once crippled man travels four times around and by the end, he is running! Later that night, I’m sitting outside and I see the same man walking to his car holding his two canes. If a person who was not present at the service that night saw him, they would have thought he was carrying the canes for someone else! Praise be to God!

Another healing miracle occurred with another elderly man blind from birth who has seen nothing except for darkness. From what I understood, he was blind because of his disconnected optical nerves. In ministering to this man’s body, Pastor Victor shome a flashlight into his eye. In Spanish, the man cries out, “I see the light!” This was a first for him and now he could see a color resembling grey. This man didn’t receive his sight completely but Pastor Victor told the man that his sight would mature over time. The reason for saying this was that, just like a newborn baby, his brain could not discern the variety of light and their colors. Regardless, the fact that this man began to see being completely blind from birth demands praises to God for His works. Thank you Jesus!

As much as the miraculous occurrences were great, the response to salvation was awesome. As Jesus said, we should be rejoicing that our names are written in the Book of Life, just like the people. The whole front platform was filled with people stepping forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The whole point of signs and miracles are for the lost to verify the Gospel and that’s what God did through Pastor Victor to the people of Guadalajara.

Although we reached a small portion of the city whose people are deceived by the occult, religious beliefs, and the secular ways of World, God has planted a little mustard seed that has the potential to grow to huge proportions. Thank you Lord for your mightiness.

In reflecting on this trip, it has blessed me in many ways spiritually. Since I came back I have been faithfully praying and praising the Lord Jesus Christ, reading His word, and talking about the wonderful things that I saw there.

It has helped jolt me out of a romantic relationship that after much prayer, God revealed this person was not the One He has for me, and I needed to focus my heart on Him first and wholeheartedly. It also has helped break some of the chains of bondage over my spirit that were once strong but now they are like loose string, easily broken. I am now encouraged to grow towards a greater wisdom of things in the Spirit so that it can manifest itself through me to those in need. I don’t know if its me or if everyone experiences this but operating in the supernatural with God is what I want my career to revolve around, especially with my planned career in medicine. This trip only confirmed this desire.

To those who need a spiritual shot in the arm, who feel like there is more to God than attending church, who are oppressed with life issues, and want to see the glory of the Lord, I would fully recommend attending a trip with Pastor Victor. I am already in high hopes of attending again and also taking along my sister as well. As Pastor Victor mentioned in our last meeting of the trip, this event will change your life and the only way to go afterwards is toward God.

In Christ,

Dave C.


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