Reports from Brazil,Part 1

Dear Friends of It Is Easy Ministries,

Greetings and blessings in the name of the mighty God of Israel, the beautiful one, the awesome one.

This letter is a summary of the miracles and healings that happened in Brazil, in the Capital Brasilia, and Porto Alegre.
God amazed us and brought us all to astonishment with His might miraculous supernatural power.

To start, this is one of our new favourite Portuguese songs.

Jesus name is above every name
Name over all names
His name is wonderful, counselor, strong God,
Father of eternity, prince of peace, ..

When Pastor Victor came to the podium he took up praise and worship song and miracles started happening.
The most favorite song in Portuguese was :” It Is You.”
Here another favourite song:
The songs we sing are supposed to be all about and to Him, Jesus the king of Kings, and not about us.
That is when we see the miracles, the healings, and the salvations.

05 July 2008

– People with neck pain and discomfort were healed
– A lady with hip condition suffered pain when bending her knees was instantly healed. The pain left her.
– A man with deafness was healed after he came forward by word of knowledge.
– Many came forward to be healed or to give testimony because of a word of knowledge.

– Pastor Victor asked a lady, “What do you want?” She pointed to a young boy. He could not run. After receiving his miraculous healing, he ran several rounds in the church. And when he came back, he was asked, “How do you feel?” He answered:” Very good.”
– A lady was set free of a spirit of oppression.
– Another lady was healed of 20 years deafness on her right ear. Pastor Victor used the fingers of a little boy from the congregation to heal her in the name of Jesus Christ.
– Almost daily people were healed of numbness in the services. They suffered numbness in fingers, hands, shoulders, legs. Every one of them was healed. They all testified about their healings. Pastors Victor and Judith asked them to do things, like lifting up loudspeakers, and squeezing their hands in order to test them. They were all able to do it.

Our LORD is so awesome with His mighty power!

– One lady was healed of lower back pain. She explained, “The only way I can find out that I am healed is when I can sit down and have no pain.” She sat and had not pain.
– One lady could not understand spoken words clearly. It was always confusing her. The Lord healed her hearing problem.
– One man came and stood in for his brother who has no kidneys and had transplants, but still suffers a lot. When praying for him, he started shaking a lot. Pastor Victor asked him to call his brother, but due to the power of God on him, he could not and another person took over the phone and called the brother. Pastor Victor prayed with the man over the phone and he said that he could feel the power of God. We are waiting to hear more about this.
– An older lady broke her wrist. There was a lot of pain and sh could not move it well. The pain left and movement was restored.
– A man suffered pain in his knees and could not bend well. The Lord restored his knees and he was able to bend again.

06 July 2008

People, men and women, old and young, were healed by the power of God from
– Headache,
– 10 years pain in the neck,
– more than 10 years neck and shoulder pain,
– cyst in ovary – all pain left.

– One lady had numbness in her face. “It pulls my face back.” She also suffered hearing problems. The Lord took care of both conditions.
– People came with pictures of loved ones – to pray for their healings including
 4 years pain in spine
 kidneystone

Monday 07 July 2008

– A lady with breast cancer was touched.
– A lady with shoulder pain (for 15 days) was healed.
– 3 month old pain left.
– 6 month old pain in neck was healed.
– Pain in foot, the lady could not stand without having excruciating pain. She was able to press down her foot and was healed of asthma as well.
– One lady was prayed for with thyroid cancer and sent back to the doctor to check her again.
– People with indigestion problems were healed.
– People with sleeplessness were ministered to.
People asked for prayer:
– shyness
– relatives
– depression
– eye conditions

– One man had an eye condition causing one eye to be blind. This blindness had been in the family for generations.
Pastor Victor asked him, “Do you want to continue the cycle or do you want to come out of it?” The young man said, “To break the cycle and come out of it.” Immediately his eyesight was restored. Glory to Jesus!

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

– a 10 year old girl with deafness was instantly healed. She was able to hear through the room walls what was going on in the next room.
– A woman was healed of a stomach condition. She could not eat an apple without having severe problems. The Lord proved to her the healing He gave her.
– One lady had short and far sightedness. She was able to read the words from far away. She was also able to read her Bible up close.
– Many were healed of pain.
– The local pastors and our workers and prayed for many people who received great blessings.

Ministry to the Youth in the Igreja Baptista Central de Brasil in Brazilia:
Wednesday, 09 July 2008

– Several people were healed of depression.
– A person was healed from a hip condition which she suffered for 10 years. The condition affected the movement in her spine, legs, and hips. She could not bend and do exercise for 10 years. The Lord restored and healed this person.
– One lady asked to be healed of a terrifying fear.
– Another person suffered from fear and insecurity and asked for prayer to be healed.
– A lady had scars growing on her shoulders for 16 years. The doctors did not know how to stop this unusual growing of scars all over. She was ministered to and we are believing for a great report.
– A girl had stomach upsets and was released of the pain.
– A man was healed of pain in spine.
– A man was healed of stomach pain.
– Another man was healed of a 5 year old skin condition.
– A lady was set free from depression.
– Allergies were commanded to leave the bodies in the name of Jesus.
– A man lost 3 nerve strings in his spine and was unable to run and bend. He was in pain 24 hours. He had some rings lost, which surrounds the spine. He was able to bend, and the Lord touched him and removed all his pain.

Brazilia, Afternoon Healing service:
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Many miracles happened in this beautiful afternoon Healing Service conducted by the parents of our host pastor.

– A lady was healed of arthritis and hearing problems.
– A lady had surgery on her foot and came walking in with bandages and canes. She went back without canes. She was so surprised that she was able to walk without crutches.
– Skin problems were healed.
– A lady suffered multiple conditions; Shoulder pain, thyroid and stomach pain, felt discomfort in her inner organs. She also suffered headaches and had numbness which came and went. The Lord healed all!
– A man had strong pain in his shoulder. He lifted weights, at first when swinging his shoulder it was painful but as he was asked to keep it moving in the name of Jesus, the pain decreased more and more. Ten years pain in shoulder and neck left

One Lady came forward and gave testimony:
First I could not talk because I had bronchitis for one week. But when this lady walked by after she was healed, suddenly I was healed even without coming forward and receiving prayer. Actually I came for my eyes, Glaucoma on both eyes and the pressure is keeping on rising.
She received ministry and was sent back to the doctor to check her eye pressure.

– One lady was healed of an eye condition, which left her eye muscle in terrible pain. Now no pain anymore. The Lord took it ALL!

– A young lady came forward with all her sisters and relatives. 80% of her family suffered headache. The mother even died on headache.
They were all ministered to, to break that cycle.
One of the girls asked that the Lord will make her to grow at least 10 cm for her profession.
– People were healed emotionally and were restored.
– One man could not sleep without his mask, he suffered sleep apnea. He was prayed for and we believe with him for doing better.
– One lady was healed of her hearing problem. She was tested and was able to hear very well, even when the speaker was on a far distance.

People were invited to receive Jesus in their hearts and some followed that invitation gladly.

Brazilia Evening:
10 July 2008

Pastors Victor and Judith with team were invited to minister in the home of a congressman who had invited 100 people for his private bible study in his home.
Many were healed and restored. One person in charge for the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was suffering from stroke and sat in a wheelchair. Pastor Victor asked him to come out of that chair in the name of Jesus. And he did.

Brazilia Evening:
Friday, 11 July 2008

This service took place in a poorer neighborhood of Brazilia. The church was packed with people even standing on windows and doors.
The church was almost 40% filled with children. So the Lord led Pastor Judith to first preach to the children and somehow in the general message she was teaching on being free of sin and obeying God she incorporated the children, whose noise making stopped.
When asked who wants to receive Jesus, many came forward (maybe 30?). Among were many children. Later one little 6–8 years old girl came forward and said that she wanted to thank her Lord for saving her. Then she started weeping.

Many were healed in this service.
– One man who was deaf and mute for 27 years was healed. He was able to speak and hear clearly what was spoken.
– Children were healed of pain in their legs and head.
So much more happened that very night.


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