Report from Brazil, Part 2

Report from Brazil, Part 2


Dear Friends of It Is Easy Ministries,

Greetings and blessings in the name of the mighty God of Israel, the beautiful one, the awesome one.

This letter is the second part of a summary of the miracles and healings that happened in Brazil, in the Capital Brasilia, and Porto Alegre.

The first section was published on this site on 25 August 2008.

We encourage you to read Part One if you have not done so already.

Porto Alegre:
Saturday 12 July 2008

On Saturday 12 July 2008 we flew to Porto Alegre. This was supposed to be a short flight of about two hours, but due to delays and stop overs, it took almost the whole day!
After our arrival and a quick meal, Pastor Victor went on to the next service with the ministry team.
Porto Alegre:
Sunday 13 July 2008
Services were held at the “Igreja Baptista Filadelfia” church.

Pastor Victor was preaching on “Who we are today and who we were yesterday.”

After the message, which was wonderful and encouraging, many came forward to be healed.
– One lady discovered a lump in her breast and they diagnosed it as a cancer. At the same time she wants a baby. The Lord touched the lady.
– Another person suffered pain in neck and had pain in her spine since she was 14 years old which was 9 years ago. The pain left and she was made whole.
– Many were healed of pain in the hip or neck, elbow pains, Sinus problems, skin allergies, fatigue, depression, foot problems, and migraine headaches.
– A little girl was healed of an inflammation in her ear as well as bronchitis.
– One person with muscle problems was now able to walk freely again.
– A lady was healed from fainting spells.
– A young boy came to be healed of underdevelopment in behavior and growth.
– Eye conditions were restored and people could read what they could not read before.

Porto Alegre:
Monday 14 July 2008

We drove 100 km each way to minister in this church.

Healings reported:
– Pain in hips gone.
– Strong shortsightedness.
– Tightness in chest, asthma, and pain in shoulder.
– High Blood Pressure.
– Bronchitis and allergies.
– Pain in right shoulder.
– Tightness in legs and pain in spine.
– Hernia on belly- when the lady pressed on the place where the hernia was, she could not feel anything anymore and every pain was gone.
– Deafness on one ear for five years.
– pain in shoulder and legs.
– One man could not lift his hands up for 20 years. He lifted his hands freely after being ministered to.
– Broken hip was restored. All pain gone, and could touch his foot again.
– A young boy had a fresh wound on his arm. He removed the bandages after the healing.

Porto Alegre:
Tuesday 15 July 2008

This was our last day of ministry before returning home.

Once more we drove 100 km to reach the church, and then 100 km back to the Hotel.

Healings reported:
– a lady needed surgery, but did not have the money. Pastor Victor asked her, “What will you do for God?” “I want to help in the church”, she replied. We prayed for her and the pain left, she was able to do things she normally could not do. She was sent back to the doctor to check her out.
– Pain in the spine.
– One man suffered numbness in his tongue. He received numbness through the anesthesia when he had his wisdom tooth removed. Since then he had no feelings in his tongue. He was unable to taste anything because of this. Pastor Victor gave him something tasty to try. The Lord healed him instantly and he could feel his tongue again and the sense of taste was restored.
– A man could not move his knees after a motorcycle accident some years before. Now he was able to move his knees and all pain was gone. He was encouraged to exercise.
– A lady asked for prayer for her alcoholic father.
– One person suffered a piercing pain from belly to spine. All the pain left and she was healed.
We had great meetings. The reception was good. The people were hungry and thirsty for the miraculous power of God. It is a place where the harvest is ripe. People want to see the power of God demonstrated.

In conclusion, God was merciful to the people in Brasilia and Porto Alegre. We are already planning to go back for greater evangelism outside of the church.

We ask that you, the friends of the ministry continue to support us in prayer as we continue in the work God has called us to.

We greatly appreciate the financial support which allows us to do even more.

If the Lord is asking you to financially bless this ministry remember that you too will receive a blessing as you support the work of God throughout the World.

God’s blessings and riches shine on you our supporters.

With joy reporting from the harvest fields of Brazil.

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries


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