Philippines Mission report April 2010

Philippines Mission report April 2010

First, I would like to thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to go to this Philippines mission trip and I know is all by the grace of God and His faithfulness.

On this trip, I felt God is still equipping me in the mission field indeed I am blessed. Able to see different Pastors from different parts of the world who were called by God to different countries to serve the Lord, is really an eye opening experience.

God is teaching me to be more humble in any way that I serve Him faithfully no matter what it takes as long as whatever I do is pleasing to my Father Lord who is worthy of all praise.

On this trip, the first encounter that God spoke to me is on the boat ride, while we were at the half way through the ocean, I felt  Jesus asking me if He called me to walk on water just like Peter, would I do it ? It brought a lot of revelation to me, but I thank the Lord as I could see He is testing my faith. Without any doubt, I told the Lord I would will. I will not look at the ocean, nor to the left or to the right but I will focus my eyes just on Him and I believe by faith I can walk on water in Jesus name.

This revelation had brought another level of my walk with God after I came back to Hong Kong and I believe in Philippines, God is preparing my heart to face all the challenge that I am facing now in my life. Thanks be to God that I felt the extreme peace in my deep inner soul, no matter what am I facing in my life, I am confident and assured the Lord is with me.

The second encounter I felt the Lord had used Ps Victor to teach me is about the bible , the original word of God from Kings James version, and truly I found out there is so much different between the other version of the Bible that has been written. This has really help me to go deeper in understand the word of God, and the truth of the words of God had set me free.

The third encounter is receiving the revelation of ‘worship’ and ‘praise’. It really amazed me to learn this through all Ps Victor’s sharing in the church and crusade about praising.

I will never forget the first night where Ps Victor did not shared any Word of God but through the leading of the Lord in the time of praising, we saw healing take place.

This brought an understanding to me that in order to have good health spiritually and physically, we need to worship and praise God full heartedly.

This really helped bring my spiritual life with God to another level during my time of praising God through songs and I felt the joy flow into my heart like I never had before.

I know this is also what the Lord is trying to teach me as I normally preferred to sing worship songs which are slower than song of praise that have a faster beat. Ever since the trip, it has change my life and also I have shared this new thing that I have learned to many brothers and sisters, all to the glory of Jesus, who they had their breakthroughs too.

Last but not least, I learned from both Ps Victor and Ps Judith of their passion for Christ, sharing gospel to the lost souls and faith. I felt through many of the Bible teachings that I attended, that the Lord has given me a burden for the lost and I feel that I can now more boldly share Jesus to people around me.

But most important I have learned is to be a good testimony for Christ in my daily life.

I really want to thank the Lord for sending Ps Victor, Ps Judith and family and also Sister Peggy into my life.

And I thank the Lord for His love and faithfulness upon my life and guiding me step by step into the will of the Father. Indeed this trip is also for the Lord to allow me to have my personal time of rest away from home and my children. It was really a time to recharge and give strength to my physical body.

Beside that, at home, God is also working through my two children, being away for a week, I felt they have really grown up and learned to treasure their life and a special bonding has grown between their relationship with God and siblings, and seeing their purpose of life in God. As a single mother, my desire for my children is that they will continue to walk obediently and faithfully with Jesus and without doubt I believe Jesus is their heavenly Father who is raising them up. He is my best friend, best husband and will always be my first love forever.

I am blessed and I believe in all things, God works everything out for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose and glory. And I have learnt through everyday of my walk is ‘ SURRENDER ALL TO JESUS’.

May the Lord continue to bless all of use and use all of you mightily in the Kingdom of the Lord.


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