e-Newsletter February 2015

Dear Partner and Friend of It Is Easy Ministries,

Be Blessed as we continue with encouraging words for this month – February 2015.

We read in

Hebrews 9:11King James Version (KJV)

11 But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come….

Yes, this Year 2015, God has many “Good things to come” in store for us.

Hebrews 10:1King James Version (KJV)

10 For the law having a shadow of good things to come, ….

Jesus Christ is the One good thing, and the high priest of more good things to come for you and me. Powerful word of God. Yes, I am expecting good things to come this year. What about you? Are you preparing for it?

When Christmas was close, knowing it will come, we all got ready for it. Decorating the house, baking, cooking, shopping, preparing gifts, traveling to loved ones, and we did so much more. Now we are declaring a Year of Celebrations. A year with Blessings of Celebrations. What do we do to prepare? Christmas has come, now “Good Things to come” is coming. We need to prepare to enjoy it. Read more

Hong Kong Newsletter-May 29,2012

Hong Kong Newsletter-May 29,2012

Hong Kong Newsletter-May 29,2012


Hong Kong Newsletter- May 29,2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, Dear Friends and Partners of It Is Easy Ministries with Evangelist Victor and Judith Emenike,


 Greetings to all of you in the mighty name of Jesus.

 For the past months, March and April , It Is Easy Ministries with Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike had 9 evangelistic outreaches in HK in different areas,  with Banquets, visiting the Elderly homes, Kowloon City Park,  evangelistic meetings outdoors with the Philippine people in Central Square and more…

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Mission Japan

Mission Japan

Mission Japan

Dear Friends of our Mission work

We have come to visit Japan, to see where we can be of help; checking out the location for bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Japan

Meeting locals and local missionary has been of great help for a future event we want to do.

We also visited Ishinomaki on this trip, which was one of the most devastated areas from the tsunami.
I also just found out that last month in September they had one of the greatest typhoons ever recorded in that same area.


People who had lost homes and cars before had taken up new loans, and many lost their cars again because of the typhoon.

The scope of the destruction is massive. Yesterday we drove along part of the coastline; Even today it looks like the tsunami had just happened because there was very little clean up.

The tsunami did not hit the actual city of Sendai because it is built up in the hills of Japan. However the coastline (including the airport which is 30 minutes from Sendai by train) was severely damaged north and south of Sendai, for hundreds of kilometres.


Much has been cleaned, but it still had the appearance of needing much more work. Hundreds or even thousand of homes are still filled with mud.( those that survived ).

Many mission workers we met on Sunday came here to help to clean up and restore homes. Some of them helped when the hurricane Katrina hit in the USA. They all said that the damage in Japan is far worse.

Many of the people who lived here are so devastated that they fled the region, many still live here in destroyed homes (1st floor). Those who had money were rebuilding or restoring.

But when you look at the pictures we are going to send out, you can tell that it is far from being a normal city.

Remember we just visited a tiny spot!!

Here is video that explains some of what we saw and heard.


We will keep you posted as we continue our mission trip.
Drs. Victor and Judith Emenike


Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010- Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010-  Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010- Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010.
Prayer of Salvation; Video

Healing of Deafness; Video

Dance Group with Flags
This is a group which supported our Outdoor Festival of Joy,
winning the lost for Christ.
Everyone in the audience was captivated by their beautiful dances with flag; Video

Festival of Joy, 23 Oct 2010.

This lady was healed of several conditions, inflammations and skin conditions, leaving her in the wheelchair for 3 years.
She later came to the platform and told her report. ”
I was unable to do anything”, so she told the crowd. ” I could do nothing.”
” Now I can walk again.” It was wonderful to see. She was even able to walk up and down the stairs to the stage.
What a miracle of Jesus; Video

Your Miracle Has Begun
A young man sitting in the wheelchair was suddenly addressed by Pastor Victor.
As the Word of God was spoken ” Your miracle has begun”, the young man with hat started crying,
and suddenly he stood up walking.
The anointing was so amazing in Tuen Mun Central Plaza. All over people were in aw, crying, weeping, clapping hands for joy , rejoicing about what God was doing. People who were passing by were suddenly standing still looking….
This was just the beginning of something great that started already yesterday in the 1st day of the Festival of Joy.

” It is the will of God for your life to be free.”
” It is the will of God for your life to be restored.”
” It is the will of God for your sins to be forgiven.”
” God wants the joy for you.”

God restored this man, touched his broken heart and healed him today; Video

Dance Exercise
One church supported us with 2 dance groups.
This particular group presented Dance Exercise.
Using Praise and Worship Music to dance and exercise at the same time.
It was very well received by the people from Tuen Mun; Video

Chinese Christian Opera Music
This lady was singing traditional Chinese christian opera music,
which is for the Chinese people very entertaining as it is part
of their daily culture.
Everyone loved it; Video

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010-  Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

Hong Kong April 2010

Hong Kong April 2010

Hong Kong April 2010

It Is Easy Ministries held Miracle Night, Bible Teaching and Easter Sunday services in Hong Kong, April 2010.

One person reported

I was paralyzed for 3 months (physically and spiritually), and I was in depression. When I look at the problems in my family I was scared. It is a heavy burden for me alone to fight. At least 2 relatives are mentally sick. Physically I suffer serious pain on my neck and lower body. My body is numb and cannot move. After trying to move, I have to rest for hours. I also have stiff muscle and poor circulation. My brain cannot process it.

This person was ministered to and the Lord touched and healed the person

Physical Healing seen during the services or later reported to us:

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Hong Kong February-March 2010

Hong Kong February-March 2010

Hong Kong, February-March 2010

In March 2010 Pastor Judith traveled to Hong Kong to for Bible Teaching.

After the series of teachings on “having faith in God to receive miraculous answers,” the workers were encouraged to pray together with those who needed miracles with the prayer of agreement.

One of our workers prayed with a brother who needed a great miracle from the Lord. He shared a flat together with a friend, who left the apartment. This made it impossible for him to continue the monthly payments as it was shared before. His job is cleaning dishes in a restaurant and because he wants to go to church on Sunday, it is very difficult for him to get another job, as most jobs in Hong Kong have shift workings including Sunday. His income is very small, that is why he cannot pay 100% rent.

So he prayed with our worker that God would intervene and grant him a good talk with the Landlord.

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