Newsletter-June 28,2006

Newsletter June 28, 2006 from San Francisco, California, USA.


Newsletter-June 28,2006

Dear Friends and Partners of It Is Easy Ministries and Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike,

Greetings and Blessings to you in the mighty name of Jesus, whom we see doing mighty wonders and signs and miracles in our midst.

We are presently in San Francisco where God is pouring out His blessings. As a result we are continuing to hold services at Voice of Pentecost Church at 1970 Ocean Avenue.

Since we arrived on 18 June 2006, miracles began to happen on a regular basis.
We conducted services every night at 7 PM.

The church is presently remodeling the building.

On Wednesday (21 June, 2006), under the unction of the Spirit of God, Pastor Victor told the church that this work, it is DONE. The house of God will now be refurnished.

At the time nothing was seen yet in the natural,but… 

(cont.)…even so, the Lord has already blessed church. On the Sunday Service on Father’s Day, our first day of preaching here, The Lord poured out unusual manifestations of His presence.

The Spirit of God took over men and did what is amazing in our eyes.

The Christian film company WYSIWYG, which is owned by the church was blessed with hundreds of gallons of paint for their film studios (the value of this gift alone is worth well over 200,000 US Dollars.

Shortly thereafter someone committed themselves to paint the entire interior and exterior of the church and to put new carpet everywhere.

After this we led the church congregation as they ran throughout the building under the leading of the Spirit of God.

It is amazing.

A famous minister of music, who was visiting for one night, was commanded by the Spirit of God to stay for the entire week. This too was amazing, since he had never had this happen to him before. The power of God overtook him.

Furthermore, a prophet and his wife from Sweden are changing their schedule in order to continue to be here.

Revival has broken out in Voice of Pentecost, San Francisco.

Since we arrived, we have evening services every day.
Because of what God is doing, we will continue.

We just changed our routing to Mexico, flying out from here just for the next weekend, in order to continue in San Francisco the following week in July.

God is doing amazing things. Please keep on praying for the services, we will keep you posted how things are progressing.

Awesome miracles have happened.

Cancer instantly disappeared from a man,
A lady with a fractured hip was healed and the pain left, A man with strong pain and restriction in movement was healed.

There are miracles upon miracles, some of which we will report to you later.

People are getting saved. Many come in from the street, explaining, how the Lord, an invisible force, drew then inside the church.

People are being delivered from a variety of long-term addictions. Those who were bound from within see their breakthroughs and are turned loose from within and receive their liberation. You can see the transformation in their faces.

This is just the beginning of God’ s amazing outpouring of His Spirit with manifestations of His Power.

Many prophetic words have been spoken during this last week, setting people free.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Holy Spirit has taken over the place and the sons of man are under His control. Amazing. Amazing.

Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place and we can see his mighty power and his grace

Blessings in the name of the Lord!

With greetings and blessings from the harvest fields of the Lord Jesus

Joyfully serving the Lord of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ,


Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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