Newsletter July 26,2008

Dear Friends and Partners of Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries.

Blessings to you all who pray for us and financially support the work of the ministry. We hope you all enjoy the summer with the Lord as well as with your family. We have already taken many amazing trips this year into the mission fields.

San Francisco

We began the New Year in San Francisco, California at The Voice of Pentecost Church. Daily services began on 18 June 2006 and the Lord continues to move. Saturday is the only day of rest for the church. That is amazing. For those who are following this news, the church has been almost completely renovated through one miracle after another. Many have received their own miracles and those who came unsaved to church left it saved, water baptized, and filled with the Holy Ghost. We continue to attend services in San Francisco throughout the year to encourage the people in the mighty work God is doing. That is the reason why we still have the information on the website, which is updated from time to time with pictures and testimonies of what God continues to do there.

Hong Kong

In January we traveled to Hong Kong for the third time within 5 months. We had wonderful services. Many were healed; people gave their lives to Christ and many were delivered from evil spirits. We are giving Praise to God. In one meeting a beautiful sister in the Lord was mightily touched by the Lord. She has two little children, a boy and a girl. The boy had two holes in his heart. One hole closed as the boy grew. The other hole was still there and was quite large. The doctors recommended surgery. But the dear sister held on to her faith in God, knowing that God is able to perform this miracle. Her daughter also suffered from allergies. God gave her the miracles! After we left Hong Kong we remained in contact and she has given us updates about her children’s health condition. Both are doing marvelously. The allergy is cleared, and for the boy’s health, he is filled with energy to the surprise of the doctors. The doctors have now cancelled the surgery to their great surprise. The sister’s faith is greatly encouraged. In February we traveled to the Netherlands to our affiliated churches to encourage the members and to lift them up in the Lord. We also ministered to the sick as the Lord has commanded us to do. In March we ministered in California. Pastor Victor also ministered in Pennsylvania, where a sister was mightily touched and arranged for us to go to Brazil in July. In April we were in California and Maryland. In May we ministered in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Taiwan.


In Taiwan we were invited to speak to Pastors, Leaders and their spouses. It was special because it was mainly for the native pastors. Around 100 people attended the conference. Eight of the twelve tribes native to Taiwan were represented. We had daily teachings and workshops. In all of them we taught about soul-winning/evangelism. We taught Godly Biblical and practical strategies in how to evangelize. We loved the topic God gave us and enjoyed teaching the Word of God. The pastors were very excited and lifted up. They went back with impartation to win souls for the Lord with great zeal in their cities and villages. We also ministered in youth services, evening prayer services, and Sunday services. God touched the people mightily. On our way back to the Hotel one day we were invited to a wedding party that evening. Two members of the church were married a week before and it is a tradition among the Taiwanese to celebrate the wedding again one week later. The wedding dinner party was arranged through the bride’s parents. Almost 300 people attended the festive wedding dinner with over 10 dishes served. Pastor Victor was asked to open it with prayer and speak a few words to the newly wedded couple and guests. It was an interesting wedding, because it was Christian. They had only Christian musicians singing or playing. The friends and family members presented special songs or gave speeches. The newly wedded couple went from table to table to talk and receive blessings. We as a family had the opportunity to do something called parachute sailing. It was an amazing experience. Pastor Judith said, “Now I really understand what it means to fly up like an eagle. I now understand what it means to be weightless and worry free as Jesus commanded us to be.”

Africa and Europe

In June we were in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Netherlands and California. In Ethiopia in the miracle services we saw many creative miracles. The lame walked, the deaf heard, the mute spoke and tumors disappeared. There is so much more to be reported about what the Lord has done. We visited an orphanage as well. In Cameroon we carried out humanitarian mission work. We delivered sewing machines and computers that were donated by our partners. It took us a 10 hour car ride to reach the Northwest Province in Cameroon from the airport in Doula. BUMPY!!!!! Pastor Victor and team met the government and military officials of the towns. We had some amazing experiences of mission work. In one location the elders had never seen a computer before. In a town of 70,000 people only the Catholic Church building has electricity. For most people, the only source of water is the rain that falls! In the Netherlands we celebrated the second anniversary of one of our affiliated churches, and met with our workers. On Sunday afternoon we saw many miracles in the Maranatha Church in Amsterdam. In July we traveled with a team to Brazil. The team came from the US and the Netherlands. Pastors Victor and Judith were teaching in several churches and saw the Lord touch His saints amazingly. Those who did not know the Lord were saved. A comprehensive report about this trip will be published separately.

World Outreach

In all we can say the first half of the year passed by so quickly. All the travels and ministering to the needs of the people in the powerful name of Jesus Christ kept us really busy. At the same time we enjoyed what we were doing. We enjoy seeing the lost find Jesus; we enjoy seeing the mighty miraculous power of God in action performing healings and miracles. Keep praying for us in the name of Jesus as the Lord asked us to pray for one another. A special thank you to those who supported us financially. Your faithful support allowed us to fly to all these places and do what God asked us to do, preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of our Lord, and ministering the gifts to the people with whom the Lord has blessed us. Please write us your prayer requests or let us know what the Lord is doing in your life as well. Many of you have already written and we are so thankful for the wonderful testimonies we have received.

With joy serving the Lord of the harvest, Jesus Christ, Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries

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