Newsletter July 14, 2004

Newsletter July 14, 2004

Dear Partners and Friends of It Is Easy Ministries,

Greetings to you in the glorious and wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.

Many things have happened since our last newsletter.

As we wrote in our last newsletter, we went to San Francisco in California, USA in May for a Miracle Crusade arranged by It Is Easy Ministries.
It was very successful.

We had many Ministers from around the world who flew in specially for those meetings, as well as for the International Ministers Conference which we organized as well. We had nearly 40 people who supported Pastors Victor and Judith during the crusade.

Apostle Patricia Blue from France (Abundant Lifestyle Ministries) was an invited minister. She came with a group of people to support these meetings as well.
The fellowship was great.

It Is Easy Ministries flew in their praise and worship group from the Netherlands, accompanied by Ben and Leonora Lopulalan, who taught in the afternoons (It Is Easy Ministries Praise and Banner School) how to worship and praise and dance with banners, their meanings etc..
It was great.

We had morning teachings and during the lunch break most people went to praise and sing to the glory of God with banners and guitar and voices in various places throughout the city.
We demonstrated that Jesus is alive!

Many were drawn to us, seeing all the shiny banners, and hearing so many people of all ages singing praises to the living God.

Healings happened on the street. People in our team were praying for the sick on the streets of San Francisco and got instant results. The people were amazed.

In the evenings we had the Miracle Crusade. A dear sister in the Lord, wWho was healed of Lupus, is working with It Is Easy Ministries and wrote a report about the meetings.
We will be posting this report shortly.

The Ministers’ Conference was also a great success.

These ministers came from Calcutta, India, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Guatemala, and from other places throughout the world.

The time was a great encouragement, building and strengthening relationships.

The speakers were Pastors Victor & Judith Emenike, Apostle Patricia Blue from France and Dr. Bahjat Batarseh from Jordan.

Intensive prayer was made and a lot of fellowship among the ministers happened.

We are looking forward to do the next Ministers’ Conference next year.

In June we ministered in Brooklyn, New York, which was wonderful. Many healings and miracles happened.

The first miracle that happened was a lady who had a broken ankle.

Actually someone stepped on her leg by mistake and so her bone broke into many pieces. The following week after these meetings she had an appointment for a surgery. Her leg was in a cast. Pastor Victor asked her, “How do you want to receive your healing? Through the doctors or through Doctor Jesus?”

The lady replied, “Through Doctor Jesus.” So Pastor Victor just told her to watch her leg. And instantly as she was watching her leg she reported that the severe pain had disappeared. She was asked to walk up and down through the aisles of the church, which she did with great excitement and tears of joy. The church was jubilant.

On Sunday (two days later) she came back and reported that after the meetings she went home, cut her cast open to free her leg and danced in her home for joy.

Praise the Lord!

Many more miracles happened as well. For example, people suffering from severe pain for 18 years were instantly set free, and growths disappeared.

We also enjoyed getting to know Pastor Joseph and Joyce Mattera and their children better. They are doing a great and astonishing work for the Lord in New York and the surrounding area.

After those meetings Pastor Victor flew to Jacksonville, Florida to prepare for the It Is Easy Ministries Miracle Campaign in September.

He ministered as well in one of the churches who are supporting the campaign in September.
Great miracles and healings happened during both services that Sunday.

Two ladies were healed of deafness. One lady couldn’t remember for how long she could not hear, and for how long she had a sound in one of her ears.

The people in the church knew the lady and her condition very well. After Pastor Victor ministered to her, and she was healed of deafness on that ear and she was so excited.

From her now healed ear she was able to hear noise, talking and clapping, the music team and the congregation who was sitting behind her. She could even without seeing them identify, who spoke and where the sound came from.

Praise the Lord!

One gentleman was healed of joint pains; another was healed of deafness in the right ear. He could hear instantly. He was able to listen to everything spoken, even when the sound came from a far place in the hall. He said, “When I can hear this, that means my ear is healed.”

Another lady had bones that were bent over because of Arthritis and other related sicknesses. Her two knees and hips were unmovable. She could not stretch or stand straight. She was completely bent over.

She had several surgeries, including knee replacements. But according to her doctors, she would never be well. This dear lady suffered greatly and was in constant pain. She was not able to walk without support and sometimes even screamed while walking. But she trusted God that He would heal her one day.

And that day came!

The Lord unlocked her legs and she was able to move, bend over, she flipped her knees up and down. And everyone saw that great miracle that happened.

Her spine straightened up in front of everybody, it was like a machine coming loose. Everyone saw her bones stretching and getting straight.

Her son who was an unbeliever and living with a girlfriend, seeing this miracle happening on his mother, came and received Jesus in his heart as Lord and Saviour together with his girlfriend.

Both of them instantly agreed to get married. He said about his mother:

“For years I haven’t seen my mother standing straight and walking without pain.”

What a mighty deliverance the Lord has done. To Him be all the Glory!

Many were healed of pain in the shoulders, hips and arms.

One lady had a condition for over 8 years. One of her spine bones grew out and affected the movement of her body and gave her strong pain. She couldn’t cope. When she stood before Pastor Victor he described to her the exact problem what he saw in a vision while the lady stood before him.

Yes was what she shouted that is exactly how the doctors said it to her and instantly the pain left her.
She was healed without prayer.
The doctors said once that if she would try to bend over it would shock her vertebral bone and it would paralyze her.
But she was healed and bent over and it felt so good. She was jumping around and every person in the church was rejoicing.

Another young lady in her twenties had a car accident followed with a stroke, which left her right arm and right leg disfigured. She could not stretch her leg, because of the implanted metal pins. The right arm also had metal pins implanted, and so she couldn’t lift it to her head or stretch it out.
But after ministry she was instantly healed. She was laughing in the Holy Ghost and afterwards was healed. While people were laughing they too were healed of pain and whiplash.
Praise the Lord, this lady was able to bend over again and move her entire body, the way the Lord created it.

One lady, over 60 years of age, was deaf in her left ear. She couldn’t hear when people phoned her if she used that ear to listen.
Via cell phone her hearing was tested and the Lord did heal her miraculously. She screamed and danced for joy, seeing that she could hear again.

Many more miracles happened. It would take too long to describe them all in this letter.

The same thing happened in Utah, which followed two days after the Florida meeting.
Pastor Victor flew together with Pastor Judith to Utah where the Lord did mighty miracles.
We will be posting some pictures of these meetings on our website shortly.

There is one miracle we would like to write to you about.

We have learned that the Lord enjoys healing all sorts of sicknesses and diseases.
There was a young woman, who had silicone implants.
The implants did not stay in their proper place and started to move in her body causing her severe pain. She could not bend or move very much without pain.
The doctors tried to help her, but they couldn’t. But the Lord Jesus touched this lady and took away all her pain. She was finally able to move and bend over again without pain.

We thank the Lord. He can do everything! He healeth all our diseases!

Right now we are getting ready for the Healing and Miracles campaign which will happen in Weert – Limburg, the Netherlands (Europe) next weekend (July 16th – 19th, 2004).

Please pray for us and for the people who will come and that the Lord will once again manifest his loving kindness and show His miraculous power. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in this world.

We are also thankful for having you standing with It Is Easy Ministries in prayer and financial support. You can find information on how to financially support this ministry at

We also covet your prayers. For those wishing to commit to this vital ministry we have a prayer calendar available at

As you can see by the prayer calendar, we feel that it is important to pray for the entire work of God in your life, in your family, in your community, and in your world.
Just know that the Lord is good. Just believe it and receive it.

Come to Weert and receive your miracle! Stay in touch with us and continue your support with prayer and finances. God is faithful! With great joy serving the Lord of the Harvest and with passion for the Gospel.

Remain blessed

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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