Newsletter-January 21, 2006 from Guatemala

Newsletter January 21, 2006 from Guatemala

Dear precious Reader, Friend and Partner of It Is Easy Ministries,

The Lord is good and worthy to be praised.

Blessed and Happy New Year to all of you!

This year started with great strength and excitement in our spirit man for the coming new year.

We know this year will be a wonderful year, filled with glorious moves of the spirit of God, doing wonders and lifting the name of Jesus higher then ever before. Many millions will receive Jesus as their Saviour and many will receive creative miracles and their answers from the Lord Jesus Christ.

We will see many more churches launching their own TV Ministries, having their own TV Stations in order to broadcast the good news about Jesus.

So many good things will happen where we will be in awe of the miraculous power of God.

Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

These are the days when God will show His great power just as the Bible says in Psalm 110:3:
“My people will be willing in the days of my power.”

In November 2005 we were again in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, through to December. The miracle fire continued and many received their miracles and accepted Jesus into their hearts.

Our Lord is good.

We spent Christmas in our home in Maryland, which was wonderful.

We spent the end of last year, and the beginning of the new year, ministering in San Francisco. We had such wonderful services. We celebrated the New Year’s service in the church, which organized a wonderful programme with praise and worship, excitement, dancing, singing, teaching and praying into the New Year.

We had such a wonderful time with our brothers and sisters. At midnight hundreds of balloons fell down and so we had our own fireworks. It was fun and a great blessing.

We stayed until 10 January 2006, flying to Baltimore and continuing to Guatemala.

Many great things have happened in Guatemala.

First we ministered in the Miracle Crusade in the Stadium of Port San Jose. It was wonderful to see many people coming to be touched by the Lord.

Wonderful miracles happened. You will hear more about it from our Testimony Reporter.

After the campaign was over, we continued to have meetings on the street in front of the church.

Many came to these meetings as well, and on one evening we counted around 65 people receiving Jesus as their Saviour.

The Miracle Crusade and every other Healing Services was broadcast live through the church owned TV station in to the local area, reaching half a million people for Jesus Christ.

In the morning they repeated the broadcast.

Because of the broadcast many came and reported that they were healed as they watched the program.

Here are some examples.

One man was healed from fever and came the following night to testify.

A family from Buena Vista told about the power of God falling upon them by watching the healings.

Employees in our hotel asked for ministry after seeing and hearing about the miracle power of Jesus working in our lives. One of the employees was instantly set free from strong headaches. She was so excited to hear about what God can do and told her other colleagues about it.

A witch came to the meeting to receive her healing. The Holy Ghost caught her and she received Jesus. After the service she asked the elders of the church to come and burn all her witchcraft tools.

Many came who were sick from various diseases. There is one woman I want to especially report about. She told us that witchcraft befell her, and as a result she was made to suffer a skin disease for 50 years. AS a result, her skin began to peel off. Her feet were in such a bad shape, bloody, and open flesh, it was shocking to see. They were stiff for 20 years, she could not move her toes.

He touched the woman and immediately the stiffness left and she was able to move her feet, the pain left and she praised God.


The next day she was walking outside, which she could not do before.

She came to church and her skin started to recover.

One man could not eat anything without throwing it up afterwards. He was healed and the following day he reported that the food stayed down and he is so happy praising God.

In the afternoons we spent time to rest, and to prepare ourselves. We visited the local markets, ate lunch prepared by church members, often at the beach, directly at the shore. It was wonderful.

Daily I drank coconut milk and enjoyed fresh fruits, such as pineapples, oranges, avocados, and other tropical fruits.

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 we took a bus to the north west of Guatemala, to San Pedro in the province of San Marco.

The journey was very long.

We drove north along the Pacific Coast and 45 km south of the border with Mexico we headed into the high mountains of Guatemala.

The scenery was beautiful. We saw farmland everywhere, banana and rubber trees, plantains and cornfields. It was wonderful to look at. The scenery also included big mountains, volcanoes and large valleys. All the way was sunny!

We also saw the destruction Hurricane Stan caused at the end of last year.

Roads and houses were completely destroyed. Even for our bus it sometimes became dangerous to drive around the new cliffs and half roads.

San Pedro was cut off from everybody for one month. They had no electricity and had to live with candles. No food came through and they lived from their local food production and water wells. They told us that one hundred people died; it was that terrible.

High in the mountains among mountain people, with abundant provision we stayed in a very good hotel, surrounded by mountains. San Pedro is about one thousand feet above sea level. During the day it is warm, but at night it is very cold (5 degrees Celsius or 43 Fahrenheit.)

The church just entered their new church building, which seats two thousand people. It is a beautiful and large building.

Even in the evening services the chairs are filled. People are hungry for the miraculous power of God.

The services are broadcast live here as well and reach the whole area. They will continue to rebroadcast the meetings after we have left. They have the latest technology with high quality for TV production.

In the afternoon on Friday we preached live about the signs of the end time and that Jesus is the only answer.

We ministered healing live with the word of knowledge. Our team was sitting on the prepared telephone line with translators, ministering to people, who called the station.

For example, one lady with migraine headaches called, testifying that she was healed instantly when the word of knowledge came.

In the evening many came. The lower level was filled with people.

During the services hundreds receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Many were so desperate to receive their miracles that they looked for any chance to jump on to the stage, where Pastor Victor was ministering. In spite of the ushers, many were on the stage to grab hold of the anointing to receive their healing and miracles.

The Lord healed people suffering years of pain in hips, legs, and other body parts.

One lady who was completely blind on one eye was healed instantly. She could see and read everything.

An elderly man was immediately healed of deafness in both ears. He was able to hear everything.

Please keep on praying for us here in Guatemala among the Maya Indians. The Lord loves them greatly and shows His goodness all the time. We are thankful to those who are praying for us.

We also want to especially mention our appreciation to those who have made it financially possible for us to travel here and minister to the needs of the people.

Know that we are praying for your well doing in all areas of life, that unlimited success will be seen and glory to God will be given to Jesus.

We thank you for participating in the winning of souls for Jesus Christ and passionately doing the works of Jesus Christ.

We will continue to inform you about more news as it comes to us.

Also write us and let us know what the Lord is doing in your life, so we can rejoice with you too.

Let us have joy from you in the Lord; refresh our hearts in the Lord.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. AMEN

Joyfully serving the Lord of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ,
Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,

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