Newsletter February 08, 2007 from El Salvador

Newsletter February 08, 2007 from El Salvador

Report prepared by Vanessa Salinas, team member of It Is Easy Ministries in El Salvador.

We all flew out from Los Angeles and arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador in Central America. After we picked up our luggage we met our coordinator Osgari Salinas who drove us to Sonosnate. On the way there we stopped and ate pupusas, the traditional El Salvadoran food. We visited the headquarters of the Assemblies of God for El Salvador and had a brief chat with the pastor there. While we were there, we made plans to have miracle services with them when we return later this year.

The weather was beautiful, the sun was bright and it was not as hot as it usually is.

On 2 Feb 2007 we went to the Principe de Paz church in Sonsonate, El Salvador. The pastor’s name is Vilma Beltran.

There were very few people attending the church at the beginning of the service but by the time service was over there were over 125 people.

The church worshiped like never before.

  • A thirty six year olwho could not feel the ground beneath her feet was healed and took her shoes off and stompedd man who was born deaf was healed and went home hearing.
  • A little boy with a condition that caused him to faint while running or playing with his friends was healed and ran just like his friends.
  • A possessed woman on the ground and the demons were cast out.
  • Husbands were called back to their wives.
  • God called on a woman whose husband had left her. Pastor Victor saw were he was in the spirit and called him back, “Come back to your Wife!” The woman wept and God promised her that she would have more children.
  • God healed many, both physically and emotionally. God was in this place.

On 3 Feb 2007 we went to Pastor Hugo Aviles’ church in Sonsonate, El Salvador.

This was a small church. Because there were so many people, they sat outside, upstairs, in hallways, and in stairways. Pastor Victor taught them how easy smiling is and that Jesus died so that we could be free.

  • A woman was able to hear again.
  • A young man came in with a cast on and crutches. He had been in a motorcycle accident. The good news was that he left without using his crutches and was able to wiggle his toes.
  • Two women who could not have babies were prayed for and while being prayed for you could see movement in there wombs, like babies kicking and the women confirmed that they could feel them inside.

God’s people came in with pains on their backs, ribs, shoulders etc. And again the good news was that God took their pain away.

On 4 Feb 2007 we went to the third service in Santa Catarina, El Salvador.

The first miracle that happened at this service was that two church communities that had never officially talked to each other were worshipping together for the very first time.

The service was to be held at a community hall but when we went to check it out the pastor said we would not be able to use it unless the mayor gave permission.

When we went to the mayor’s home and his wife was happy to meet with us and said she would talk to her husband about it. We prayed and asked God for favour and our prayers were answered. When the mayor returned home, he gave us permission to use the building!

Many of the people who came to this service had similar sicknesses and pains. Many of them had stomachaches, joint pains and throat problems. God delivered them.

Many children had been tormented by demons at night and could not sleep. They would just cry and cry at night. The parents didn’t know why. The demons were cast out and ordered to stop tormenting the children.

A man with a hernia near his groin was ministered to and the hernia began to.

A drunk man was saved and delivered. When he left the stench of alcohol had left his breath.
The mayor’s wife also came to the service and received Jesus. She invited us to her home for lunch. We met her husband and he too accepted Jesus!!

On 4 Feb 2007 we also went to a church called Josue Asturia, which also is in Sonsonate, El Salvador. The pastor’s name is Miguel Peruza.

The church was full and there was a lot of joy in this place. The worship team was a group of young boys. The oldest boy was 16 years old. We worshipped for 3 hours; from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Many people were set free during worship. It was like nothing they had ever experienced before.

The joy of the Lord was healing people.

  • People with pains were delivered, the deaf were able to hear and the blind saw.
  • An old woman who was loosing her vision was asked, “´What do you want God to do for you?”Her reply was, “I want to be able to thread a needle.” Many laughed at her request but God improved her vision! Her husband was also delivered of cloudiness in his eye and loss of hearing.

Two young men outside the church were running away from gunfire.

They belonged to a gang and while running away from the gunfire the music from the church got their attention so they walked in. As soon as they walked in the presence of the Holy Spirit overtook them and they began to worship, praise and dance. The demons inside them were uneasy and were trying to get them to leave. As one of them was attempting to leave Pastor Victor called them forward. One of them was a big muscular guy and Pastor Victor told him that he saw he had made a pact with the devil and that Pastor Victor could see his tattoos underneath his shirt. Pastor Victor described several of his tattoos including the one on his back, which was a tattoo of a big dragon with wings. As he wept, the young man lifted his shirt to reveal his tattoos, including the one of the dragon on his back.

With human eyes no one would have been able to see through the shirt to see this tattoo. Only the Holy Spirit could have revealed this to Pastor Victor.

The young man was released and delivered from the spirit of death. While praying he would yell out, “I want to serve God!! I want to stop killing!!”

The church took him and his fellow gang member friend to a rehabilitation center. Their pact is now with God!! Their lives are now totally transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

On the next day we went to a beach called Los Cobanos. The water was warm and we enjoyed a great lunch of shrimp cocktail and fish. The scenery was beautiful and the team ministered to the people on the beach.

A woman heard that the pastor was there and asked that we pray for her bedridden husband. We prayed for him and anointed a rag that she could take home with her and give to her husband. Just as in the Book of Acts, we see that God’s healing touch can be given in all sorts of Easy ways! The woman was also healed of arthritis.

On 5 Feb 2007 we went to the fifth church. This was Cristo Redentor in Sonsonate, El Salvador. The pastor is Rigoberto Leivr.

On one of the walls in the church there was a sign that said “2007 El Ano de la Sabiduria.” In English this is “2007, the year of knowledge.” Pastor Victor taught about the importance of reading the Bible and knowing Jesus. This is the kind of knowledge we all need to know. He quoted John 8: 32, “the truth will set you free.” Every one was very responsive.

God set people free, with many miracle signs and wonders.

  • Many people at this service had suffered various sickness such as dizziness, fatigue and hot flashes for a very long time. But God set them free immediately.
  • God also set a woman free who was tormented at night. She was empowered to overcome the enemy.
  • A woman’s pancreas was commanded to produce normal insulin.
  • Another woman came forward because she could not have babies. When she was ministered to you could feel the baby move in her stomach.

God’s people were asked, “When do you want to be healed?” Their answer was, “Este momento!” (This very instant.)

Two women that had gone through a lot of pain and suffering were given the healing anointing.
Demons had been attacking a woman’s dreams and God gave her the gift of vision and dreams, which she gratefully received.

An usher came forward and asked Pastor Victor to pray for his grandmother who could not see through one eye or hear through one ear. The usher was asked if she was far away. He said that she was nearby and Pastor Victor said, “Go and get her.” The usher left to get her. When she arrived Pastor Victor prayed and her ear opened and her eye was given life. Whispering in her ear tested her ears. She repeated everything that was spoken into her ear. Her vision was also tested. The pastor moved around in the church and she would locate him every time with no problem.

God also confirmed many things for the church. They had decided to start a Bible school this year and the teaching was a confirmation that they were on the right path.

The following day we went to the El Cerro Verde Mountains. As we drove we enjoyed the beautiful green scenery. The air was fresh and cool. The car began overheating, so we parked along the road and admired God’s creation. Local coffee bean pickers were waiting for their bus to go home and were kind and offered us their drinking water to use for the car. The team ministered to them also. When the car was ready we went further into the mountain and were able to get a better look at El Salvador’s active volcano and at one that had erupted not so long ago. We were also blessed with a tour of the national park. God is so good to us!

On 6 Feb 2007 we went to the sixth and final meeting in El Salvador. The meeting was held again at Josue Asturia in Sonsonate, El Salvador.

We had planned this meeting to be for pastors and leaders of the church but people had heard about the previous meeting and the phone calls inquiring about Pastor Victor’s second visit would not stop. Because of the people’s hunger for God, Pastor Miguel invited everyone to come to the meeting.

This proves again that we can never plan for things if God has other plans. Our own plans need to be cancelled to make way for what God wants to do. We happily flowed with the purposes of God and because of that we saw many miracles.

Once again the worship was great. The people knew they had a reason to rejoice. God was going to cast out demons and heal the sick. All the pastors were called to the front and were prayed for and some of their marriages were reunited.

  • Two older women that came in with canes were healed and walked home with the canes resting on their shoulders as a souvenir.
  • People came forward with diabetes, skin allergies, asthma like symptoms, bad blood cells and other problems. All sicknesses and diseases were commanded to be gone!

The anointing spirit spread to the young worship team (the boys whose oldest member was 16 years old) and they began to pray for people also. They had never done this before! They were shocked when the people they were praying for fell down, but they continued to pray for people anyhow.

  • A young woman was told to jump and stomp on Satan’s head and her pain left, she was free of anxiety, fear, stress and worry.
  • People that needed love cried and cried and all their sorrows came out.

Outside the church the pastor mentioned to our translator, sister Carmen, that there was a woman who would be coming to the service who was from the Los Angeles area. She had cancer and the doctors had given up on her. Pastor Victor did not know about this. Even so, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he her out, “Woman, I’ve been waiting for you to come! You shall not die! You shall live and proclaim the goodness of God!! You shall live and proclaim the goodness of God!” She was healed and full of joy!

This trip has been an answer to the prayers of pastors and believers of this land.

Report prepared by Vanessa Salinas, team member of It Is Easy Ministries in El Salvador.

Joyfully serving the Lord of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ,
Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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