Newsletter February 06, 2005

Dear Friends and Partners of It Is Easy Ministries,

Wonderful greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus. Blessings to you in the New Year 2005. With a blessed Christmas and a blessed prayer night into the New Year 2005 we have been continuously doing the things of God.

In January we have been traveling again to Stolwijk , in the Netherlands, to continue the revival meetings there. And truly, the Lord has shown his goodness.

Even when we were not around, we have been arranging together with the Pastors for other mighty Ministers to come and teach, preach, and minister to the sick people and others in need.

We have been receiving great testimonies on a constant basis about how people have been healed. Still daily new people are attending, who haven\’t been to any of the meetings that began at the beginning of November 2004.

Only during the Christmas days were no services. Apart from those days, services were held every evening.

We know that this is unique, whereby no church in the Netherlands has been having services every night for 85 nights in a row.

The people are still excited and receive their miracles and salvations.

January 25th, 2005

We left for India, Calcutta and arrived the following day at night.

Here is a brief report of our own observation, which add to the ones already sent to you by Dr. Aribinda Dey.

On Friday January 28th, 2005 we started with the first nights of three open-air tent evangelistic “Mission Celebration” meetings celebrating the Silver Jubilee of “Church of God and Christ’s Disciples Fellowship”.

After introductions and gift presentations to different guests, the choirs from the South Korean Congregation the choir from the host Ministry worshipped.
Members of the Sunday school participated in the worship as well.

Pastor Victor then began to preach about the prodigal son. The special emphasis was on “Don’t forget your maker, God in heaven”.
He preached about how God the father has something to do for us, purposes for all the families, fathers, mothers and children. He has a plan for how we should live.
He asked the congregation: “Have you ever asked…… 

(cont)…God for the plan he has for you?”
The connection he made with the Bible story was that the two sons never asked the father what was his plan for them was. They never asked, “For what purpose were we born?”
Many responded afterwards, wanting to recognize God in their life, asking God to reveal His plan for each one of them.

A call for prayer for the sick followed, and people came forward.

Through various words of knowledge, different sicknesses and diseases were called out and people were healed.

A woman, living in London UK, had Osteoporosis for 10 years and pain all over her body.

She had tried all sorts of medications, and nothing had helped. After receiving ministry Pastor Victor asked her to run around and she reported that all pain had left her and she went back to her seat with a smile on her face. Every evening she came to the meetings, and also received prayer for other things.

A man had pain in his legs for 10 years. He was a policeman, who was as a watchman sent from his office to oversee the meetings for security purposes. The Lord touched him. First all pain left, except in his toes, but after another ministry time, that pain finally left him also.

A man having gastritis for years with pain every night and reflux was set free of pain. Even his stomach, which gave him pain was pain free.

A young boy had pain in his thumb for 10 – 15 days, was set free instantly, to his surprise.

The Lord showed the people in Calcutta, that He has a heart for them, and wants them to be well. Praise God!

Saturday, February 29th, 2005

After having a beautiful time of singing, dancing and worship, Pastor Victor was once again invited by our host, Pastor Dr. Arabinda Dey to come and share the Good News to the people in Calcutta.

This night many more attended than the night before. We had beautiful sunshine and people were also standing on the sides of the tent.
He preached about Isaiah 42:5, ” How sure are you, that God made you?” was his question.
“As long as you have breath of life in you, it guarantees you that God exists and also made you” was one of the words he preached. The people followed the message from the Bible attentively, and responded well the story in Matthew 18:21, 23-27.

The life story of an unforgiving man and his family was being told.

When the call came to pray to God, most of the people followed it. Also many responded for receiving prayer for physical healing.

Many came and with the help of the Pastors of “Church of God,” people received the needed ministry. Sicknesses left them, and people went home happy.

A woman with migraine came out to be prayed for.
A man with strong knee conditions was healed.
A woman with pain in her womb was set free instantly of that pain.
A man with back pain for 3 years was healed.

Sunday, February 30th, 2005

This was the last day of the celebration and great was the attendance for Calcutta.

After the preaching about Luke 10, 30 and Isaiah 53, 3+4, the story of the good Samaritan was being told and people were greatly touched.

Many received the Lord in their hearts.
Many people came for prayer for health on their bodies, and the Lord did great miracles.
The crippled came and were instantly restored.
A man with a withered hand was made whole, he could stretch out his hand, and was soooo excited!
Several people with pain and deformities were restored and healed.
People with different organ diseases were set free.
Many with digestion problems and stomach pain were healed.
People with allergies, nightmares and being tormented by evil spirits were delivered.
A man with one paralyzed arm was able to stretch it out.
Deafness was healed.
A man, deaf for 3 months, could hear again, and the people clapped their hands with great excitement.

Finally many people who were healed, came on the platform and gave testimony to the people sitting in the audience. The applause was great, even the words “Praise God” was heard many times.

These meetings were a great accomplishment for what the Lord has done among the Hindus and Muslims. We all rejoiced, JESUS IS LORD!

After these meetings, we had a good response from some pastors that God is stirring up to go out and reach out to the cities.

Many times our hosts have been discouraged by the Pastors in Calcutta, because they were afraid of confrontation with the Hindus and Muslims, and didn’t have the courage to reach out to the inhabitants of this city.

We are talking about 20 million inhabitants in just the one city of Calcutta, and 300 million souls in the whole of West Bengal. There is so much to say, which we may do later. Since the meetings ended in the city, we have been ministering to the workers as well as to the Pastors and Evangelists of the \” Church of God.” Christ’s Disciples Fellowship has been raising many Pastors and Evangelists, who came especially for this celebration. Some came from as far as Nepal and the Andaman Island (the Tsunami hit there, too).

Some of these Ministers were traveling for one way 3 – 5 days to reach Calcutta.

We also ministered to different schools, which this mighty ministry has been establishing during its 30 years of ministry.

We will write more, because our days in India are not over yet.

Please pray for us, for our hosts, and for the people of India to have open hearts for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Later on we will also send you some pictures and publish more testimonies on the website.

When we do, we will send you the news.

Be blessed and strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and please continue to pray therefore to our heavenly father that as the Lord of the harvest, He will continue to send forth labourers into His harvest.

For Great is the harvest!!


Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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