Newsletter December 29, 2004

Newsletter December 29, 2004

Dear Friends and Supporters of It Is Easy Ministries,

We send greetings to you all in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

We trust that the Lord has given you a wonderful Christmas.
Now we are back in the USA and are celebrating with the family.

During the 24, 25 and 26th of December there were no Revival meetings in Stolwijk, but still people called to find out about the services.
After the Christmas break, the Services continued on December 27th.

We have people from our team, and Pastor Friends still in the Netherlands, who continue the meetings, and we will return at the beginning of January.

We are glad to announce to you once again that the services in Stolwijk do continue.

We started the Revival Meetings on November 2nd.
Up until the Christmas break there ……….

were 64 evenings in a row that these Revival meetings have taken place. At each meeting the Lord Jesus Christ was wonderfully glorified.
The people just love to be in the presence of the Lord.

From Women’s meetings to Healing services and now Revival meetings, the Lord shows his goodness in this small village of Stolwijk.
From everywhere people are coming. We see Stolwijkers, people from around Gouda and people who drive hours just to be there and experience the power of God.
During these services we have people opening up their heart to faith in God and receive Jesus in their hearts as their Lord and Saviour. We see countless miracles and healings taking place.

The Power of God is visible. Even by entering into the church building you can feel the special Presence of the Lord.

Every evening the It Is Easy Ministries team as well as Pastors Coen & Carin van Hoogenstraat and their church council (elders of the church) minister to the people and pray for their needs.

One evening the church of Pastor Jan Zeelstra supported us with their team, and we truly saw their love of God for the people.
We invited Prof. Willem Ouweneel, a good friend of ours, to speak one evening, which was a great blessing to many as well.

We were back in the USA for 10 days, but the meetings continued.
The fire is burning and increasing.

When we returned we added a daily morning teaching session for a time, teaching about the mind of Christ. The meetings were well attended and the interest was great.
During the evenings the Lord showed his great power and was touching the people according to their needs and desires. We had another Pastors meeting and since then we have had daily Morning prayers with pastors from the area.

We have planned great things and good programs through to the end of the Year and through the coming year in Stolwijk. Along with our ministry team, several of our minister friends will be coming as they have committed to support these meetings as well. We are so thankful to these people who have come along side in order to see God’s purposes fulfilled.

Today there was a Youth meeting and around 400 people attended!

Please lift us up in prayer before God, as well as our team, Pastors van Hoogenstraat, the elders of the church, the community of Stolwijk, and the all the people of the Netherlands.

God bless you and have a great and wonderful blessed New Year in 2005.

Allow the Lord to bless you bountifully in this year to come.

We are expecting a great harvest of souls and other blessings the Lord has in store for us!

During the last day of the year we will be attending a watch night – prayer service and hope you will do the same so that we are all connected in His service as we enter together into the blessed New Year 2005.

Please don’t forget also to support us, and It Is Easy Ministries, financially, because we have planned great Miracle campaigns for next year in order to reach out to the people with the love of God.

With great joy serving the Lord of the Harvest and warm greetings to you and yours.

Remain blessed

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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