Newsletter, December 20, 2003



Newsletter, December 20, 2003

Dear supporters of the ministry, precious reader,

It Is Easy Ministries hosted a five day revival and healing crusade in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from October 31st to until November 4th, 2003. It was a great success for Jesus, our Savior and Healer: and as a result many people were saved and healed.

Salvation, the biggest miracle of all!

It was very remarkable that every night the majority of the people came for the first time. The attendance was from 800 on the de first night up to more than 1,400 the final night. Daily 200-300 people responded to the altar call to receive Jesus in their hearts. On November 2nd, at the end of the evening, 300 of the 1,000 who attended came forward for salvation. In total close to 1,000 got saved, about 50 people came out of wheelchairs and hundreds were healed and touched by the miraculous power of God.





On our website,, you an read a extended report on the 13 meetings, now also available in Dutch! However we would like to share a few things with you in this newsletter, because we are SO excited:

Deaf/mute woman healed

A young woman, deaf and mute for 8 years, had her ears opened. She indicated that she could hear and so was asked to say “Jesus” was all she could say. Then Pastor Victor said: &#quot;From this moment you will hear and speak every word I say.&#quot; Then, softly, he spoke “Jesus” into her ear. There was silent anticipation throughout the hall as everyone awaited her response. Into the microphone came a distinct “Jesus.” She nearly collapsed as she heard her own voice clearly and distinctly for the first time in years.

No pain, no 22,000Euro surgery

On the first evening, a woman was healed of spinal stenosis due to L4/5 disc protrusion. She brought her medical reports with her. This surgery was going to cost her 22,000Euro. The surgery was no longer necessary as she moved completely normally, without any trace of pain. Her husband’s desire for many years, to be able to dance with his wife, came to pass: the danced together as the band played specially for them.

A woman testifies:

Saturday afternoon I was here sitting in my wheelchair, and Pastor Victor came and said “just come out of that chair”. He grabbed my hands and I went. It worked! You see I got out and I am very happy. Praise the Lord.” Ministry time with Pastor Sunday & Pastor Prince Gideon was was filled with power. Many were healed in those evenings when either Pastor Sunday or Pastor Prince ministered. 10 of 12 people in wheelchairs who were able to get up from their wheelchairs. Many started one step slowly or with spastic movement, that got better and better as they walked and began to dance and as they understood the words to the song of “Jesus is Alive.

Pastor Prince’s preaching centered around John 1:12 – “To all that received Him, He gave them power to become the sons of God.”
We were encouraged to become Sons of God. We need to stop having a child’s spirit in an adult body. We need to grow up and be sons with all our full reign and rule, as Pastor Gideon said.

Special ministry for children

Pastor Victor taught that as parents, we have the responsibility to believe for our children. We brought them into the world and we need to take up our responsibility to keep them healthy. As parents heard this, they brought many very sick children forward and many were healed. Many of the children invited Jesus into their hearts.

Powerful women’s meetings

As Pastor Judith spoke, many women began to be set free and to be released into a fuller awareness of their powerful destinies. God touched many, even while already she was preaching.

Prophetic Afternoon

Daily we had prophetic teachings with prophesying. Those who came were taught how to make the prophetic words spoken over their lives come to pass.

Furthermore the people were taught how to understand the prophetic works in evangelism. Insight was also given into dreams and visions. Great prophetic words were released over the people and transformed their lives.

Pastor Judith, Pastor Victor and a minister friend Apostle Rev. Patricia Blue, from France, were ministering mostly in these afternoons.

Pastor’s meeting

The Pastor’s meeting was a time where God moved powerfully. Apostle Rev. Patricia Blue shared a mighty word of God. We saw many pastors emotionally healed and encouraged to continue in their Ministry. They received a new strength to flow in the power of the supernatural, as they spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their community. The word of God was powerful and entered into the heart of men.


We are very excited about the broadcast by TBN-Europe, which is scheduled on December 21st 2003, 8:30-9.00 pm (European time).

TBN asked us to make a 25 minutes compilation that gives a good impression about all the miracles and powers that happened at the Utrecht Crusade.

Website: extended report and testimonies

You can find a complete report of the wonderful things that happened in Utrecht on our website. The reports are available both in English and Dutch.

Please write us, when you have a testimony about what Jesus has done in your life through this ministry. Write to us at


The whole team pray for you a very blessed Christmas and an excited New Year 2004. We hope to see you on our three crusades in 2004.

With warm regards from the Harvest Fields of Jesus Christ,

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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