Newsletter-August 15,

Newsletter August 15, 2006 from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Dear Friends and Partners of It Is Easy Ministries and Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike,

Greetings and Blessings to you in the mighty name of Jesus, whom we see doing mighty wonders and signs and miracles in our midst.

The following is a report of our recent ministry trip to Las Vegas Nevada where we spent the first two weeks of August 2006.

The following is a report of some the miracles we saw during our first week there.

On Sunday the 6th of August many people came to testify about the miracles and healings that happened through the first week of our ministering here in Las Vegas with Truth Christian Ministries and GYG Ministries.

One Lady testified that all her pain in shoulder and arm had disappeared.

One Lady witnessed that every pain caused through arthritis in arm, hand and spine was gone.
She suffered pain for a long time and had terrible pain. Daily it is getting better.
She reports, “when I feel pain, I rebuke it in the name of Jesus and it is gone”.

A young woman testifies:
“My aunt was depressed for one year due to her mothers’ death. After Pastor Judith prayed for her, all depression left her and she felt light hearted”.
Her mother was also depressed due to the same loss. After receiving ministry she stopped all her medication and feels much better.
The young woman reported further, “My brother came to the meetings and was so excited. My faith increased tremendously”. She had prayed for a long time that her family would come to church, and now it is happening.

One Woman had strong sinus congestion. She is healed of sinus condition and has not taken any medication for a week.

One man reported about his financial blessing during this campaign.
He received tax money back from the government and it was four times more than he had expected. Furthermore, he was promoted in his job and now works 40 hours a week to instead of 55, even though he earns more money.

Hector had an ankle problem. As a result he was not able to jump or participate in sport activities. The Lord healed him instantly and since then he can jump again and play basketball. This week he leaves for a 10-day church sponsored mission trip to Honduras, glad to go healthy.

A young lady had digestion problems and could not eat well.
She was healed. The same evening she ate and has felt good since.

A young man M., was coughing for 2 years. He reported that the doctors said that he does not know the cause of the condition, and that nothing can be done about it. He was healed instantly and hasn’t coughed for the past week.

One man broke his wrist, and after receiving ministry it feels good now. He was able to pick up a heavy monitor even though his arm was still in a cast.

An elderly South Korean lady has suffered for many years. She had rheumatism for many years and could not live without painkillers. She could not walk without cane, and her feet were so swollen that she had to wear special shoes. Since her healing one week ago, she removed the bandage on her ankle, is walking without a cane, and does not take any painkillers anymore.
She is so thrilled about what the Lord has done, showing everyone her nice shoes, which she can wear now. She is healed and is a walking testimony to the glory of God.
She invited her relatives from Los Angeles, California to come to Las Vegas. They drove in the next day, came to the services, and were healed and touched by the power of God.
The amazing thing is that she does not speak much English, but suddenly she is encouraging others to receive their healings in the English language.

The mother of Annette was ministered to. She suffered cancer of the colon and lymph nodes. She also had arthritis for 23 years. For the past four days she has not taken any painkillers and feels so good.
In the past she had 2-3 surgeries trying to straighten her fingers. The Lord performed a miracles, straightening the fingers and showed His goodness towards her.
It was reported that in the past she was not very close to God, but all that has changed.
Her daughter in law Sophie reported that the Lord has answered all her prayers.

Pastor Wanda testified that her mother, who came for a visit, had broken her collarbone by falling down the steps. Her ligaments were torn as well. The pain was so bad that she could not even lift up her purse.
When Pastor Victor asked her to lift up something heavy she was able to do so.
All pain left and she glorified the Lord.

One man testified that he had heaviness in his heart, and suddenly 20 minutes after being ministered to, he felt that all heaviness break off him. He also reported that the Lord showed him a way to keep the heaviness from returning.

On Sunday August 6th, many people were touched by the mighty power of the Lord.

One young lady who suffered from depression for years was set free.
Her mother had a problem with her stomach. The entrance of her stomach was nearly closed, causing her always to vomit after eating anything.
Pastor Victor asked her to eat a banana and then asked if anyone had brought one. The lady said that she had brought a banana with her to church without knowing why.
The Lady ate the banana and felt so good. The presence of the Lord overtook the whole family.

One 19-year-old young girl had a screw in her hip since she was 11 years old. Even with the screw her hip always moved out of place.
The doctors told her she would need a hip replacement very soon, possibly as early as age 30.
She could not ride a bicycle.
She was instantly healed and told how good she now felt moving her legs.

Many more miracles have occurred that we could report if we had the time.
Many were set free of addictions and fear.
Many were healed of wounded emotions, and many more received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lord is so wonderful and worthy to be praised.
We are now returning to San Francisco where we continue to see a might move of God.

Blessings to the name of the Lord!

With greetings and blessings from the harvest fields of the Lord Jesus.

Joyfully serving the Lord of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ,


Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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