Newsletter- August 25,2006

Newsletter August 25, 2006 from San Francisco, California, USA.

Dear Friends and Partners of It Is Easy Ministries and Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike,

Greetings and Blessings to you in the mighty name of Jesus, whom we see doing mighty wonders and signs and miracles in our midst.

The following is a report of the Historical events that are taking place at The Voice Of Pentecost Church, San Francisco

Many things have happened since the last newsletter we sent to you from San Francisco in June 2006.
As we reported before, the Lord started moving in a mighty way in San Francisco at the “Voice of Pentecost” church. The services have been going on since then, as we end the 10th week of ministry at this place. There are services every day of the week except for Saturday. This allows everyone to receive a day of rest and strengthening from the Lord.

The services are called “Miracles and the Prophetic.”

It is amazing what the Lord is doing.

Here is a brief history of the events that led to what is occurring.

The Lord gave three dreams to the church several weeks before we arrived at the Voice of Pentecost (VOP) Church. All three dreams announced that a whirlwind was coming to VOP. One brother saw seven distinct whirlwinds.

A visiting prophet gave the following word, “The funding will come in increments”.
In January 2006, senior Pastor Richard Gazowsky received a word from the Lord, “The almond tree is budding and the funding shall come in increments.”

On Wednesday 12 June 2006, what the church has called “The Miracle of the Paint” occurred. WYSIWYG, a movie company which is attached to VOP, was praying about how to finish painting and fixing up some rooms within their 144,000 square foot movie studio.
One staffer spoke up in tears and declared, “If Jesus turned the water into wine, why could He not turn water into paint? ”

That simple statement proved infectious as several staff members ran around finding every bucket and container they could to fill with water. This action was based on John 2:7 where “Jesus said to the servants, ‘Fill the jars with water’, so they filled them to the brim.”

The staff then prayed over the buckets and left them overnight. A day later, they ran out of paint and painted the walls with water and even painted the trim with a second coat of water.
When Pastor Richard Gazowsky shared this with the church on 18 June 2006, two painting contractors came forward and donated all of the paint and materials needed to paint and finish the entire studio. So far, the studio has received USD300.00 worth of paint supplies and 1,378 gallons of paint.

The miracle services began on 18 June 2006.

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike taught about the move of the Spirit, the power of God, and many other revelations from the Word of God in VOP in San Francisco.

Prophet Vello and Ingalill Vaim from Sweden also spent time ministering at the church.

Services continued for four weeks. Pastors Victor and Judith taught from the Word of God daily.

On Sunday 25 July, which was the last scheduled day of services, Pastor Victor suddenly stopped preaching and announced, “The Lord said, it is done, the remodeling of the church has begun.”
As the service was still going on, the Holy Spirit began to manifest among the people. They started to respond, running around in the church, proclaiming the victory.

Pastor Richard stood up and said that the Lord had just told him to continue the services. He asked Pastor Victor if he could continue for one more week.

Everyone in the congregation was laughing. Pastor Victor agreed to stay on.

Somebody was moved by the Spirit of God to and whispered into the ear of the senior pastor that he would paint the interior and exterior of the whole church. This building is totally separate from the Film Studio.

Pastor Richard stood up right away and announced what had just occurred.

Sherman Andrus, a well know singer was leading worship that day.
Pastor Victor told him that he also had to continue stay in order to lead worship at the services.

Now everybody was laughing even more. God was moving!

The one-week extension has now grown to ten weeks with daily services. The services are still continuing!
Daily the Lord inhabits the services with His miraculous power.

Here are some of the things the Lord has done!

The church building, which is a former theater, required major remodeling.

The interior and exterior of the church was painted. This part of the remodeling alone was worth USD One Million.
Somebody paid for 1,500 new chairs that are custom made in China especially for VOP; each chair is covered with very fine velvet.
The church was blessed with new opera curtains for the sanctuary stage. The value of this donation alone was about USD500,000.00.
VOP has also received new light fixtures, new carpeting, a new plumbing system, as well as a new marquis outside of the building,

VOP owns the Christian Elementary and High School on a property next to the church. Another church contacted the Voice of Pentecost, offering to pay for the remodeling of the school’s cafeteria.
The school was now blessed with new carpet, which was worth even more than VOP’s carpeting.
The VOP church office was blessed with a complete remodeling as well.
Furthermore, the VOP was blessed with 26 new doors and new exit signs.

The Lord touched different people to give and an amazing historical event has started.

Pastor Richard was blessed with a brand new, high-tech international cell phone.
Two staff members of WYSIWYG were in desperate need of laptop computers and the Lord blessed them with new laptops, one with a video Ipod included.
One sister was blessed with payment for the school tuition and uniforms for her two children.

Many financial miracles have occurred.

  • The Lord financially blessed people who were behind in their bills, so that they were able to pay them.
  • Stolen money was returned.
  • The Lord blessed people with money so that they could bless others with it.

Many miraculous healings have occurred.

  • One lady was healed of breast cancer.
  • Doug L. was healed of long-term ailments. His back is now completely pain- free.
  • David was healed of his allergies.
  • One man had pain in his leg. The pain left and since then he does no longer needs his cane. H also no longer has any breathing problems
  • One man was healed of colon cancer.
  • One lady had pain in her hip and neck that left her.
  • One man was healed of a heart condition.

Many more healing and miracles have happened.

Many people received Jesus Christ in their hearts and many made peace with God!


The “Miracles and the Prophetic” services are still going on every day. The Whirlwind continues.

Services are at 7 PM every day except Saturday.
If you are able we look forward to seeing you there!

With greetings and blessings from the harvest fields of the Lord Jesus
Joyfully serving the Lord of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ,

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,


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