Newsletter April 28, 2005

Dear friends and supporters of It-Is-Easy Ministries.

What an amazing time this is to be serving God. We have seen God move in such unexpected and exciting ways!

The schedule this year looks to be substantial with large crusades planned for Guatemala, Holland, Australia, Ethiopia, Liberia, and continental USA.

God is escalating this ministry very quickly, giving us villages, cities, and even nations to reach with the Gospel.

Due to the size and costs of these crusades we are seeking God for “special partners” to team with us.

We are looking for people who are trusting God to use them to supply the provisions for these crusades.

Many of you have witnessed first hand the healing power of God at one of our crusades or meetings and know He is placing a call on you to join with us in this extraordinary harvest.

In Mark 16:15 it says “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”. We are all commissioned by Christ and we welcome all those who will choose this powerful way to impact thousands in 2005.

If you know He is calling you to this, please contact us at so that we can work with you, as we together reach the lost for Christ.


Newsletter April 28, 2005

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