Netherlands Antilles report

Dear Friends and Partners of Pastors Victor and Judith
Emenike and It Is Easy Ministries,

Greetings and Blessings from the island of Curacao.

In 1954 Curacao became the seat of government for the Netherlands Antilles, which is a self-governing state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island with its 130,000 people is in the Caribbean Sea northeast from Venezuela. The entire state is made up of five islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Our arrival was great. Two of our workers arrived 2 days earlier from the Netherlands. They picked us up with their 2 year old daughter and 8 week old baby. They came here with us to support the great works the Lord is doing here among the people in Curacao.

The weather was very warm, but the cool breeze in the night made it enjoyable and thankfully the mosquitoes left us alone.

The very next morning, at 9 AM, we were invited to the most popular TV station on the whole island for a live broadcast.

On that day we got our first impression from the island, which was very colourful.

We discovered that Willemstad, the capital city which is on Curacao, was put on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Cities List in 1997. It has beautiful buildings. We will put some pictures of the city on our website.

The history the Netherlands Antilles like so much of the surrounding countries and former colonies is based on the slave trade. If you want to learn more about this sad history, there are many resources available on the Internet.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and much of the economy is now based on tourism, banking, and the oil industry. (Venezuela, a major oil exporter is nearby and there is a large refinery business here.)

We drove through the island, visited both coasts of this long narrow island and discovered many beautiful sights:

  • Beautiful beaches.
  • Amazing rock formations and caves where the water jumps out like a pistol shot. The sound was intense as that one of a canon!
  • Colourful birds and plants.
  • And so much more.

On the second day Pastors Victor and Judith were invited to speak live on the most famous secular radio station on Curacao called MAS, 99.7 FM. We got up early because the program started 6AM. It went on for an entire hour.

After a short Word of God, people called in:

  • One lady suffered from high blood pressure, heart pain, and diabetes. We ministered to her live through the radio. She reported that the pain left her instantly.
  • One lady called and asked for prayer for a child who was in a coma, lying in a nursing home.
  • One lady called and explained that she suffered from diabetes and cataracts. The doctors told her she would be blind if she did not go for surgery.
  • After she received prayer, she felt better and her stress lifted. She said she started shaking during the prayer and felt that something was leaving her body.
  • Another lady called about her child who was having difficulty at school and could not remember the lessons. The child was 8 years old. She was encouraged with some few words of counsel.
  • Another lady called at the same time and left a message on the answering machine, giving a wonderful testimony of what was happening during the live broadcast. For 10 years she suffered from migraine headaches. When the pastor was sharing the Word of God she still had a migraine. But when the pastor was saying through a word of knowledge, “Migraine be gone in Jesus Name,” it left immediately.
  • Another lady called before the program was over. She asked for prayer for someone who was in a coma for 3 weeks after a motorcycle accident.

We could see that there are many needs on the island.

We ate a local lunch later that day with all of our worker (7 adults and 10 children), who came from the Netherlands and the USA to support us during our 9 days there.

Again we saw more beauty of the island.
What really surprised us was that most of the beaches have very little sand any more because of all the hurricanes that have passed by since 1988.

The strong winds washed away the sand from the beaches and in its place brought stones. Some of the stones look like petrified bones (see the pictures).

Friday Night 05 September 2008.

The first night of the Miracle meetings was amazing.

  • A lady suffering from witchcraft was set free.
  • People with diverse sicknesses were called forward through the word of knowledge.
  • One man suffered shoulder pain for weeks. It left.
  • One lady had elbow pain for 2 months. She was touched by the power of God and the pain left her instantly.
  • Many were healed of back pain.
  • One lady was healed from an ear condition.
  • One lady could not bend for years. She was immediately healed.
  • One gentleman came with a cane. He could not walk very well. He threw the cane away and started walking. He came back the next night without his cane.
  • People were set free from demonic spirits hunting them in their homes and lives.
  • Many other people were healed of shoulder pain, back pain, stomach pain, hip pain, tumours in breasts, lack of concentration, lung conditions, asthma, liver problems, arthritis in fingers, pain in knees, deafness, and so much more.

We prayed for people with financial difficulties and they came and believed God for miracles and supernatural help.

We are looking forward to hearing more testimonies about what the Lord has done.

Saturday, 06 September 2008.

On Saturday night so many came that some turned around to go back home because there was not enough space for everyone. The location was overcrowded with people desiring to be touched by the power of God.

  • One man kept loosing weight and the doctors could not do anything for him. Pastor Victor asked those who wanted to loose weight to come forward and to release it to the man who needed to gain weight. Of course everyone was laughing, seeing the many women who came forward wanting to loose weight.
  • One man was healed of a hearing condition.
  • One man had a stiff neck and felt things crawling on his head. The stiffness left him. The crawling sensation stopped also.
  • One lady suffered breast tumours and all the pain left. She could not feel the tumours, but all the pain left.
  • One lady was set free from headaches she had been suffering from for 45 years when she was eight years old. The LORD IS GOOD!

People received ministry and healings for sinus problems, high blood pressure, indigestion problems, knee problems, tumours, hearing problems, epilepsy, and pain.

Many stood in for others to be healed. They were asked to call the people they were praying for on the phone.
Every one of those 7 people was healed instantly over the phone. They were all able to do things they could not do before.

The service was wonderful. The praise and worship is filled with so much joy. It is amazing to see the happiness of the people even when they have so many problems. It felt very similar to being in a church in Africa. There were so many similarities in the people’s joy, dancing and singing.

We will keep you updated about the upcoming days here in Curacao.

With joy serving our Lord on the Harvest Fields,
Remain blessed and in Prayer for us,
Yours truly,
Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike

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