Netherlands Antilles report, Part 2

Dear Friends and Partners of Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,
The Lord has done many amazing miracles since we wrote last.

In the previous newsletter we reported on our first two days of ministry on the island Curacao, in the Caribbean. This one reports on what happened after that.

Sunday Morning, 07 September 2008.

Many people came to the service. The hall used by Abundant Life Ministries was packed again.
We noticed that most of the people who attended the service were women, so when God moved in power, many more women were healed and touched by the power of God.
People were healed of:
· Elbow pain and inflammation.
· Lump in the breast.
· Wrist and neck pain.
· A lady could not lift up her hand for 7 years but now she was able to do it.
· Pain in knee, pain from knees to toes.
· Migraine.
· Pain in womb.
· A lady with heavy breast pain.
· People who could not move their arms and elbows were healed.
· One lady could not speak well because she had problems with her voice. The Lord restored her voice completely.
· One man was healed of back pain.
· Depression.
· One older lady felt very weak when walking, she received strength and was able to walk very well.
· One lady could not stand on her feet and could not open her eyes due to being tired. The Lord touched her and restored this young woman.
· Ear conditions.
Many others were supernaturally touched by the power of God.

Monday Night, 8 September 2008.

Many people returned home without attending the service because there was no space left for them to sit.

They missed a special night due to some remarkable healings.

Healing Of Blindness, “So Many People.”
One Lady had lost her eyesight due to complications from Diabetes. She had received surgery, but she was still left blind in one eye and almost blind on the other eye. She could see nothing.
She was asked to come to the front. She looked towards the congregation without seeing anything, just waiting for something to happen. Pastor Victor continued preaching when she suddenly raised both of her hands and started shouting, almost screaming, “So many people, so many people, I can see so many people.”
Many in the congregation were standing up in excitement and started shouting, praising God and clapping hands. It became ‘wild’, and the joy was visible in the faces of the people seeing the miracle happening. Hundreds of people were weeping, crying and shaking.
Pastor Victor asked the man who was sitting next to the lady to come forward. He asked her, “Who is this?”
She answered, “This is my partner.” Both of them hugged and laughed and cried at the same time. It was so wonderful to see. It is almost impossible to put into words what happened.
The next night both of them came again, and when people were asked to receive Jesus in their hearts, they raised their hands and prayed the prayer of salvation.

Healing Of A Paralyzed Man

Pastor Victor told one man, “When you really want to, get up and walk.” He was sitting in his wheelchair, looking very weak. Pastor Victor turned continuing to preach. At the same time the man stood up and was ready to walk. Immediately someone was on his side and he was walking.
Here is the man’s report.
I became sick with a disease that paralyzed my muscles all over my body. I fell into coma and came out of it. I fell in and out of the coma three times. After that they left me lying in my bed without taking care of me. A little while later they saw something that finally made them to do a little therapy with me but I still he was not able to walk, and my arms and hands were still paralyzed.
When Pastor Victor told me to get up and walk, I suddenly felt an enormous strength coming upon me and inside of me, so I just went and obeyed the command. That was the first time I was able to do what I just did. The arms became better too. I was able to squeeze the hands and move them.
Later on we saw him walking again, so He is getting better and better.

Fourteen Years Old Boy Healed Of Muteness

This boy came forward with his mother. He could not talk since he was two years old. When he was ministered to, Pastor Victor asked him to repeat ‘Papa.’
He opened his mouth and said into the microphone: “Papa.”
A smile covered his entire face. He was so excited when he heard his voice again. The mother was so touched and smiled as well.
Again the congregation went almost out of control with the excitement of God doing such miracles in this place here in Willemstad, Curacao.
The boy came again on Tuesday, ran to the front and jumped into Pastor Victor’s arms during the service. It all happened so suddenly. The people were all laughing and wondered what was going on, so the mother told them what happened the day before with her son.

Many more healings and miracles were recorded. Here are some of them written down to the glory of God.
· One person was healed of a two year old nerve condition.
· On person had pain in his joints for one year and was set free of it.
· Lung condition, stiffness for 6 – 8 months in the shoulders.
· Severe headache since the person was a child.
· One lady was suffering for 30 years with a stomach condition. She was immediately set free of the pain, and felt so good.

Tuesday Lunch, 9 September 2008.

We were invited to a TV Show for a short interview. The Pastor of Abundant Life Ministries was interviewed about what was happening in the city and Pastor Victor was asked to share what he was doing.
He shared about preaching the gospel wherever we go.
The host Pastor then asked Pastor Judith to share a Word of God to the female viewers.

Tuesday Night, 9 September 2008.

This was the most astonishing night we experienced. The meeting place of the church was so crowded, the heat was almost unbearable, and people were still coming. The place could not contain the people. This time they did not turn around and go home because of not having a place to sit. They came desperate to receive their miracle or to see what was going on in their city.
People were standing and kept filling the church to the point that we as guest speakers stood up and gave our chairs for sick people to sit. The children were sitting on the floor in the front. Young adults gave up their chairs and sat on the ground as well. The church did not have enough chairs and so they organized cushions for people to sit on.

Pastor Victor asked one group of people sitting on one side to move outside, to reduce the unbearable heat.

The church meeting place is in a mall, so it is surrounded with windows. The people stood in front of the windows, sat on cushions and some from the church now were sitting on chairs in the mall as well.
I hope you can understand the description we are giving you.
There was almost no space to walk.

The miracles started happening very shortly after the message, “God came with Good News to the people.”

Healing Of A Stroke

One man, Roberto, was the first person who received his miracle.
He suffered a stroke, kept vomiting and was paralyzed.
He was able to walk again. Pastor Victor sent him home after the healing happened. He and his wife also received forgiveness.
“ Why stay longer in this terrible heat when you have received what you came for,” Pastor Victor said. He also reminded him what Jesus said, “Take up you bed and walk (go home).”
The people were laughing and clapping hand with huge excitement. The level of excitement and anticipation was even more than the night before.
The heat kept climbing because of the many people. The air conditioning and fans could not deal with all the heat.

The next person to receive ministry was an elderly man whose left side was paralyzed. He was walking with a cane. He felt dizzy while walking, so he used the cane to support himself. He suddenly felt strength coming inside of him when Pastor Victor commanded him to walk, and so he walked.
Another lady was healed. She was sitting outside the window. God made Pastor Victor see her .She dropped her cane fall and walked inside the meeting room and then turned around and walked mall up and down the mall. The people outside were clapping hands, rejoicing, laughing and showing their excitement while Pastor Victor continued preaching inside.

Pastor Victor addressed a man sitting helpless on a chair leaning on a pillar to support himself. Four years ago he had received severe nerve damage, so he had to be in a wheelchair. When Pastor Victor commanded him to squat down he suddenly felt strength. He almost fell at first, but strength came into him and he continued squatting, which he normally could not do. Then he miraculously began to walk. The people in the church and outside looking through the window went wild.
Many were sent home that night after receiving their healing, and the noise shouting and screaming of the people became intense.

One girl was healed of deafness. Her mother reported that hen she was eight months old the girl was in a plane. Sshe kept crying and crying and the mother did not know what to do. When they landed the child was deaf. Now the girl was 12 years old and the Lord healed her and she was able to hear again.
Another lady became deaf over night when she was 2 years of age. The Lord healed her as well.
One girl kept having some sort of feedback or echo when she heard loud music, voices or sounds. Pastor Victor asked the people, “Who here has the loudest voice in this room?” The girl answered, “For me it is my Mother.” Of course everyone was laughing.

The mother was asked to come forward. Pastor Victor tested the girl to see what her problem was. When Pastor Victor spoke loudly into her ear she had so much pain and feedback that she almost cried. After she was ministered to her Mother was asked to shout into her ear. The feedback was gone. She nad her mother were so glad.
Pastor Judith also ministered to a little girl who was born blind. She saw light and the Lord opened her eyes.

Many people came with ear problems and were restored. All those who were healed were sent home.
After that Pastor Victor led everyone in a mass prayer. Those who were sick were asked to lay their hands on their heads. Almost everyone did that.

It was shocking to see so many sick people.
The wonderful thing was that after the prayer people were asked to raise their hands if the condition left instantly and almost a third of the people waved their hands. We cannot confirm the exact amount of people but from where we were standing at least one person in three were waving their hands to confirm their healing. We estimate that there were between 500 and 600 people in attendance. This is not an exact number but this will give you a rough idea as to the number of people who were there and the number of people who received a touch from God.

This was our last day of ministry and as you can read, it was truly wonderful to see The Lord move so powerfully among the people.


In conclusion, we saw a deep hunger in the people of Curacao. The expectation is high for God to do miracles among them. The miracles happened so easily. It is a field that is very ripe, just waiting to be harvested.

Thank you for all those who prayed for the meetings. We can only say that the Lord will reward you abundantly for the prayers and support you have been giving us and our ministry.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008.

The Pastor was bombarded with phone calls because of the miracles happening in the city. The prison director called and asked for Pastor Victor and Pastor Judith to come and minister to the prisoners. We agreed on an early morning time, which was when the prison held meetings for the female prisoners. So Pastor Judith was invited to speak the Word of God and minister to the women in the prison on Curacao.

She went there along with three workers.
25 women prisoners were in attendance along with 4 guards.
24 of them received Jesus Christ in their hearts and opened their hearts to HIM. Many received personal prayer as well.
The Lord touched one lady and healed her of stomach pain. Another one was set free from fear and sleepless nights.
Others were facing court cases about their release and asked for prayer.
Finally Pastor Judith also ministered to the guards.

The team received a very warm welcome, but we discovered that there are great spiritual needs among them. Most of them asked for Bibles because there were none available to them.
Pastor Judith was then asked to minister to the men but because some of the team were scheduled to fly home in a very short time, they had to leave.

In the afternoon we met our Host Pastor and discussed the possibility of further outdoor miracle services in a few months.
We also visited the biggest ostrich farm outside of South Africa. This was a wonderful field trip for our remaining workers and all of our children to end our trip to Curacao.

We are now on our way back to the USA for healing and miracle services in California with the Spanish Association as well as with Voice of Pentecost in San Francisco.

Please keep us in your prayers.
With joy serving our Lord Jesus,
We are sending you our greetings from the harvest fields of Curacao,
Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike


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