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Ethiopia Mission 2013

It Is Easy Ministries traveled to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia during January 2013.
Our aim was to visit the orphanage the ministry is supporting financially, minister to families, visit churches, and more
Dr. Victor and Dr. Judith traveled with 4 workers from It Is Easy Ministries.
It Is Easy Ministries also blessed the children and staff by buying lots of food and toys for the kids.
They also preached in a large church and many were healed and restored, as God has it in His mind.
Praise the Lord for this wonderful Mission Journey into East Africa.



We are reporting about our Mission Work in the orphanage in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
We visited the orphanage in Ethiopia in October 2009,
with us came workers and a dentist from the Netherlands. 

The orphanage has around 122 orphans and it located in the slum areas of Addis Ababa.
The building is one part made of bricks and one side is made out of mud.
The children come here to be educated, to be fed and to have play time.
There are several teachers, workers, cooks and leaders who supervise and educate the children.
The children are from rual areas.
Drs. Victor and Judith and their team enjoyed this 3rd mission trip greatly. Just seeing the happy faces of the kids were touching.

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Healings and Miracles were happening in the churches we visited.
Drs. Victor and Judith both preached and ministered the Good News about Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Lord was wonderful and confirmed the Gospel by healing those who were sick.

Birth Lessons

This trip to Ethiopia, IIEM brought along Marvelys Lopez, a medical Doctor and midwife from Nevada, USA. On this trip she taught village women, women in churches, about homebirth. Men occasionally attended the meetings. The men and women were so excited to be further edcuated in home Birth as Hospital births are to expensive.The people got so involved in the process of Marvelys teaching them, that when the Baby (a doll) was finally born they all laughed and clapped with smiling faces.



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