Japan Mission October 2011

Japan Mission October, 2011


6 Month ago, Japan was hit by a Tsunami, which affected good Japan Mission October 2011200 km coastline of Japan. One of the most known hit areas has been Ishinomaki, 55 km north of Sendai, the capital of the Miyagi Prefecture (North-East).
Today Ishinomaki is yet far from recovering from the disaster. Thousands of empty destroyed homes, thousands of lives physically and soulish damaged, with traumas, suffering daily.


Ishinomaki and Area

160,000 people live in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, and around 10,000 people live in shelters or permanent housing plus those living in their second floor or higher, because the lower parts were destroyed.
Still today 7 month later thousands are having no permanent homes, are devastated by traumas, being hunted by the incoming water in their mind and dreams at night, many left and have never returned being in shock,not wanting to look for their cars or homes (the reason, the government cannot destroy the homes or cars) left behind.

Mildew and mould from the water damage have set in with a vengeance, leading to a potentially serious public health crisis, especially with the warmer seasons on the way. There are also thousands upon thousands of tons of wreckage to be taken away and disposed of, and just as much toxic sludge from the bottom of the ocean coats the interiors of buildings and is breathed in as fine dust when left to dry on the roads. This sludge is a mix of mud, petrochemicals, traces of heavy metals, and rotten biomatter and is dangerous, heavy and difficult to remove, especially from the inside of buildings where heavy machinery can’t be used. There is still a lot of work to be done before people can start to be even vaguely satisfied with themselves, and there are fears that as time progresses the number of people willing to help will evaporate.
One thing is for sure- hopelessness, fear, frustration, depression, shock are just one of the few things to mention, which is happening with the victims to the earthquake. Jesus is the answer, to give back hope for tomorrow, hope for restoration, healing to the traumatic events and so much more he can do for them.

Tea House Experience
The “Tea House” is a non profit organization, sponsored by a church in Yokohama.
The house was given for free rent. Condition was renovation, as the lower level were all completely destroyed, filled with mud.
It is used to do social work, reaching out to the neighbors and residents of Ishinomaki.
Several people come here to visit, connect with other and receive encouraging words.


Matsushima, Japan


The town is only a short distance (thirty minutes) from prefectural capital Sendai.
Matsushima is a group of islands in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. There are some 260 tiny islands (shima) covered in pines (matsu) – hence the name – and is ranked as one of the Three Views of Japan.
It was reported that only little damage was done through the tsunami/earthquake in march 2011. In our opinion that information is not true or depending on what people call damage. The stores right on the water side were destroyed, as many owners show with pictures in their windows.
It is a town known for its idol worship.
Shinto as well as Buddism Temples and Shrines, Idols are everywhere. People visit this place like a Mekka. Every island is visited for their worship to idols. Every island has temples, shrines or idols.


Japan Information

This sub-album to our Japan Mission is intended to give some insight into the lifestyle of Japan.

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