Hong Kong Newsletter-May 29,2012

Hong Kong Newsletter-May 29,2012


Hong Kong Newsletter- May 29,2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, Dear Friends and Partners of It Is Easy Ministries with Evangelist Victor and Judith Emenike,


 Greetings to all of you in the mighty name of Jesus.

 For the past months, March and April , It Is Easy Ministries with Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike had 9 evangelistic outreaches in HK in different areas,  with Banquets, visiting the Elderly homes, Kowloon City Park,  evangelistic meetings outdoors with the Philippine people in Central Square and more…

Thanks to all those who participated in different areas and made those good things happen.

 There are many people, who were touched by God , they listened to the Gospel. Many miracles took place, the deaf heard, family recovered, Lamb walked again, Bone problems disappeared, Pain Gone and many People turned to Christ.

We have 3 盆菜宴 at 3 different location, 青磚圍,下輋村,河上鄉,  Total 116 tables for banquet served by It Is Easy Ministries and supporters, over 1,000 unbelievers came . We will continue with some program in those villages in this summer. We prayed salvation prayer with them after having them blessed with great gospel music and christian chinese opera songs.

We visited 4 Elderly homes and shared the Gospel, accompanied with wonderful christians singing Chinese Opera songs, Gospel songs, gave Gifts, and prayed the Prayer of Savation with them. God is so good and mercy to them. The elderly were so happy after having received Christ. They called us already to go back again.

We had 1 Philippine meeting in Central Plaza at 25 March, regarding “Supernatural Love”, outdoors.

A Philippine lady from Pastor Nora’s Church came to the meeting and her husband, attended with her.  Afterhearing the message from God, the husband turned his life to God and repented from his extramarital affair and turned his heart to his wife and family. After this meeting, we started a bible study in Central at May 13th for the new believers, there were 70 people who came at the first day.

We have had a meeting on April 1st at the Kowloon City Park. God did amazing works for the people on that area and we look forward to see more and more great works from God.

We are praising God and the work of God’s hand.

 Thank you once again for all the effort done by everyone who participated to make those good things happen, through assisting in physical attendance and financial contribution.

God bless all of you,

It-Is-Easy Ministries

Hong Kong

Enclose with some pictures at the meetings. Detailed Photo Report follows.

Reported by Sister P. from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Newsletter-May 29,2012
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