Hong Kong February-March 2010

Hong Kong, February-March 2010

In March 2010 Pastor Judith traveled to Hong Kong to for Bible Teaching.

After the series of teachings on “having faith in God to receive miraculous answers,” the workers were encouraged to pray together with those who needed miracles with the prayer of agreement.

One of our workers prayed with a brother who needed a great miracle from the Lord. He shared a flat together with a friend, who left the apartment. This made it impossible for him to continue the monthly payments as it was shared before. His job is cleaning dishes in a restaurant and because he wants to go to church on Sunday, it is very difficult for him to get another job, as most jobs in Hong Kong have shift workings including Sunday. His income is very small, that is why he cannot pay 100% rent.

So he prayed with our worker that God would intervene and grant him a good talk with the Landlord.

Our worker took down his phone number and called him the next day. He found out that the brother in need talked with the landlord and the landlord was willing to give him the whole apartment for his 50% monthly share, with no increase.

The faith of the brother and worker were greatly encouraged.

One lady reported that after the teachings she was so bold that she was able to defeat a skin condition she suffered from while taking a shower. While showering, her skin started to itch (water allergy). She spoke to that condition, rebuked Satan and the itching has stopped.

Many others came forward and reported about their increase in faith and happiness with the Lordand how He answered their prayers.

Healing and Miracles happen when faith is released, which cometh by hearing through the Word of God.


Hong Kong February-March 2010

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