Hong Kong April 2010

Hong Kong April 2010

It Is Easy Ministries held Miracle Night, Bible Teaching and Easter Sunday services in Hong Kong, April 2010.

One person reported

I was paralyzed for 3 months (physically and spiritually), and I was in depression. When I look at the problems in my family I was scared. It is a heavy burden for me alone to fight. At least 2 relatives are mentally sick. Physically I suffer serious pain on my neck and lower body. My body is numb and cannot move. After trying to move, I have to rest for hours. I also have stiff muscle and poor circulation. My brain cannot process it.

This person was ministered to and the Lord touched and healed the person

Physical Healing seen during the services or later reported to us:

  • 5th bone of the spine was out of place, lost its natural curve, lower back bent to the right- has been like that for 20 years.
  • Allergy- Eczema for 10 years healed, food allergy ( cannot eat sugar, gluten, yeast, dairy ); poor digestion – was healed.
  • Osteoporosis, stiff muscles, “My backbone is older than my real age”, – healed.
  • A lady suffered anxiety, was afraid of her mom, bones are not well developed, make it hard for the person to breath. – healed.
  • Muscled deep down is very tight, easily get fatigue, muscle not strong, too skinny – prayed for.
  • Poor vision, getting blurrier, found out that is is related to stiffness in the neck- healed.
  • a person explained that she is tormented by demons, cannot sing during worship, rather have to breath very hard, as if my air is stolen.- was set free.
  • Set free of addictions.
  • Legs numb, cannot sit down and read for a long time – ministered to.
  • I have received the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues a while ago, since I have trouble speaking in other tongues and singing – was set free.
  • A person wants to serve God more, feels too much hindrance, should be strong, but rather feel very weak – was ministered to.

More testimonies from our services in Hong Kong, April 2010

  • A girl with star earrings want to be used by God – prayed for.
  • A new christian wants a good job – ministered to, believing with the person for a new job.
  • A woman has cancer – in last stage , ministered to.
  • Man healed of psychotic conditions, Mama wants wisdom to understand the Bible.
  • A photographer suffered kidney conditions.
  • A girl wanted to be healed of ovary cancer.
  • Healed of Migraine headache.
  • Couple with little baby needed family blessing.
  • A man, whose shoulder was healed brought the following day the family: brother had pain in knees and wife a bleeding eye – was ministered to.
  • Many were ministered to, who had knee and shoulder condition – healed.
  • A woman with back condition was healed.
  • A woman was ministered to, who suffered black pain, high blood pressure from work outs.
  • A lady was set free from sleeping at night with lights.
  • A man suffered pain for 2 years was set free.
  • A lady had a thyroid tumor – was ministered to.
  • An elderly man had cancer and chemo for 2 years was ministered to, and felt better.
  • A woman suffered constant bleeding was healed.
  • A woman with depression was healed.
  • Many with tumors and disabilities came and were set free.
  • People with deafness were healed.
  • A woman deaf in her left ear from a surgery 2 years back could hear again.

And so many gave their lives to our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord!

Reported by E. M.


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