Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010- Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010- Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010.
Prayer of Salvation; Video

Healing of Deafness; Video

Dance Group with Flags
This is a group which supported our Outdoor Festival of Joy,
winning the lost for Christ.
Everyone in the audience was captivated by their beautiful dances with flag; Video

Festival of Joy, 23 Oct 2010.

This lady was healed of several conditions, inflammations and skin conditions, leaving her in the wheelchair for 3 years.
She later came to the platform and told her report. ”
I was unable to do anything”, so she told the crowd. ” I could do nothing.”
” Now I can walk again.” It was wonderful to see. She was even able to walk up and down the stairs to the stage.
What a miracle of Jesus; Video

Your Miracle Has Begun
A young man sitting in the wheelchair was suddenly addressed by Pastor Victor.
As the Word of God was spoken ” Your miracle has begun”, the young man with hat started crying,
and suddenly he stood up walking.
The anointing was so amazing in Tuen Mun Central Plaza. All over people were in aw, crying, weeping, clapping hands for joy , rejoicing about what God was doing. People who were passing by were suddenly standing still looking….
This was just the beginning of something great that started already yesterday in the 1st day of the Festival of Joy.

” It is the will of God for your life to be free.”
” It is the will of God for your life to be restored.”
” It is the will of God for your sins to be forgiven.”
” God wants the joy for you.”

God restored this man, touched his broken heart and healed him today; Video

Dance Exercise
One church supported us with 2 dance groups.
This particular group presented Dance Exercise.
Using Praise and Worship Music to dance and exercise at the same time.
It was very well received by the people from Tuen Mun; Video

Chinese Christian Opera Music
This lady was singing traditional Chinese christian opera music,
which is for the Chinese people very entertaining as it is part
of their daily culture.
Everyone loved it; Video

Festival of Joy, 22 Oct 2010-  Hong Kong outdoor Crusade

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