EuroSpirit 2007 in Amsterdam,Holland

EuroSpirit 2007 in Amsterdam,Holland

For the 16th year in a row, Bert Panhuise and his team arranged the Eurospirit conference in Amsterdam, Holland.


Many people were blessed by pastors and preachers like Tommy Tenney, Danny Chambers, Victor Emenike, Jan Zijlstra, James Herbertson and many more…

Tommy Tenney, author of the book “God chasers”, preached a very encouraging message of “Restoration”. “Sometimes the Master comes and cuts off some branches in our lives. It is when God has to remove things – unproductive areas. It is to redirect our priorities. The presence of God can accelerate your destiny. ”
Danny Chambers preached on: “It is time to come out of the belly of your bad decisions”. “Everybody makes bad or wrong decisions in their lives and you might end up in a dark place, like Jonah in the belly of the fish. But you must not stay there. Repent and make a new good decision that enables you to go on ahead!”
On Saturday, Pastor Jan Zijlstra and Pastor Victor Emenike held healing meetings, where many people were healed and delivered.

Every day different worship teams lead the participants into 

Pastor Danny Chambers preaching

powerful and intimate worship. Among others were our dear friends Miriam and Dick Kloosterhof, Praise Team Victory Outreach Rotterdam, Praise Valley Choir, CCC-band and Dwight Dissels. X6, a song group well-known for participating in the Dutch TV-program X-factor, had an extraordinary performance one night.


The team from Kingdom Center, who were there with as exhibitors, say a big thank you to Bert and Ellen Panhuise with team!

Written by: Marléne N.




Evangelist Victor Emenike


Bert Panhuise

Pastor Tommey Tenney


The band








Marlene in the Kingdom Center exhibition


The song group X6

Pastor Jan Zijlstra










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