e-Newsletter March 6, 2004

Newsletter March 6, 2004


Newsletter March 6, 2004

Greetings to you in the glorious and wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.

This past year 2003 ended wonderfully as the Lord did mighty miracles. We saw many people healed, saved and touched by His grace.

The New Year started with great joy in our hearts, as we know that this year will bring great harvest and plenty of fruit.

In January 2004 Pastor Victor Emenike traveled to Calcutta, India to a Mission 24 Conference, where leaders from the West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and India came together.
They were taught and encouraged to increase in their vision for Jesus and the people, and to be healed and miraculously touched by the hand of God.

We saw lots of miracles; many were healed and set free.

In the afternoons Pastor Victor visited some public places and preached the good news and great signs and wonders followed.

Many people who were carried to those meetings, paralyzed and crippled, deformed with various diseases, were instantly made whole.

Their bones became straight immediately, and they praised the Lord and received Him in their hearts.

A man who was deaf and mute over 37 years, could hear and speak clearly instantly. So many of them, who were deaf and mute, especially children, aged 5 – 12 years, where instantly healed. They could hear and speak again. These meetings on the public places were not arranged. We just decided to visit those cities the previous day.

Many people, crazy and lunatic, were immediately set free and completely delivered.

As the people were receiving their freedom in various ways, and we were walking home, people were bringing the sick and laid them on the wayside and we were asked to touch them and heal them in the name of Jesus. That is also what happened, as we passed those sick people, they were all healed.

Brother Jan van de Vis from the Netherlands, who traveled with Pastor Victor, said:
“This is just like in the times of Jesus.”

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them (Matth. 4, 23+24).

Shortly after returning from India, Pastors Victor and Judith along with their children, traveled to San Francisco, California, USA, to stir up the churches for the upcoming Miracle Healing Crusade in May. We visited many churches, including Hispanic congregations. We also had a wonderful anointed pastors’ meeting with the Hispanic congregation. New contacts were made with Ethiopian and Eritrean churches and their members.

Great teaching and miracles happened.

The major theme was based on Romans 15: 18&19.

Christianity means the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Christianity means demonstration with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Again, many healings happened.

A small boy had problems with sounds, his ear were hearing the sound 10 x louder than normal.
He could not go to field trips, had problems with school projects, even in the church he could not hear the music. It was too loud.
The volume was like strong pain in his ears.
After the Lord Jesus touched him he had no pain, even when the drums were played loudly.

His mother was healed of a kidney condition and wanted to quit smoking. After deliverance, the next day she came and testified, that she had absolutely desire for cigarettes.
She was so excited that she was completely delivered.

Many were healed of severe pain in their bodies, bone diseases, allergies, eye conditions etc.

The Pastor testified that his eyes were completely healed and restored after we ministered in their church in June 2003. Even his colour blindness left him, and he was set free. His wife was healed in June 2003 of severe mango allergies, which caused terrible side effects from eating mangos.
Now she is enjoys eating mangos all the time.

The Lord is good.

We also led many to Jesus Christ and prayed with them the prayer for salvation.

A lady invited a man she met in the afternoon to the evening meetings. The Lord touched him mightily. He was a Catholic, praying to Mary, but having so many troubles. He received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

After so many meetings in San Francisco, we traveled to Sacramento and had a Healing Revival in a Spanish church.

The Lord poured out his Spirit in an amazing way.

Here are some of the testimonies.

A lady, who had arthritis for over 25 years could feel an instant change on her body and a release of the pain. Many could not lift up their arms without having pain. The Lord healed them all.

A man, who could not walk because of a stroke, could walk again.

The greatest miracle was a small girl who was ten years old.

Pastor Victor asked another small girl of 10 years to place her fingers in those ears, not realizing, that that girl had only one complete ear. On the left side she had only an earlobe with no auricle / ear (outer ear). After realizing that, Pastor Victor ministered to her, and commanded a hole to appear, because she was deaf on that side as well.

He commanded a hole to the inner ear to appear in the name of Jesus. Suddenly we noticed the growing of the outer ear, and a young man very excitedly came and gave testimony how he saw that ear growing.

The girl could hear from that ear again. The next day the outer ear was completed.

We, and the whole congregation, were amazed about what happened, and about the amazing miraculous power of God.

We also met pastors from different churches and are now planning for a crusade in Sacramento as well.

After those astonishing meetings were over, the nice people where we stayed in their great new home, brought us to the airport to San Jose.

When we arrived home in Baltimore, we had two days to arrange ourselves and get ready for the Healing Revival In Brooklyn, New York.

The meetings in Brooklyn, New York were fantastic as well.

We led those meetings together with Apostle Patricia Blue from France. Our intention is to plan for a city wide crusade in New York this year.

The church we came in contact with and where the Lord moved mighty is 50% Russian and 50% Jewish Immigrants.

The worship was unique, and I (Pastor Judith), have not experienced such an anointed worship service before.

Many heard the angels singing. It was indescribable.

For a whole hour our tears were running down and we had joy unimaginable to describe with words.

We had our brother Ben and his wife Leonora come especially from the Netherlands with all the banners they had made for us.

Patricia also had a team that came with her, so all together there were around 18 people ministering to the people.

The fellowship was great and the Spirit of Jesus was so sweet.

How wonderful is it to be in the fellowship and unity of the brethren.

Here are some testimonies, recorded on Sunday the 29th of Februray, 2004, from the meetings in Beth Shalom Center in Brooklyn, New York:

A lady who could not sleep for more than 2- 3 hours for the past 2 years gave testimony how she was touched the night before and can now sleep for 8 hours. She also could not lift up her left arm, having had problems form childhood.

A friend told her to go to the hospital, but she said, no, only when God doesn’t heal me at church. When she went to church and was healed.

Another middle-aged lady was healed of pain. She explained how the Lord visited her at night 4 AM, and the power of the most high overshadowed her and she was completely healed of her pain on the ankle of her foot.

A lady was healed of shoulder pain on the first night after receiving a word of knowledge.

A man deaf and mute for 37 years, since birth, was touched through the mighty hand of God and could hear again. He also opened his mouth and tried to speak those words he heard, and he succeeded. Our Lord is wonderful.

A lady was laughing so much, and could not stop laughing during the Saturday services. The spirit moved also her hands in what looked like dancing, a kind of waving. She came and gave testimony on Sunday, that she had so much depression; a son of hers whom she had not seen for over 10 years had died. Now she explained how she was through laughing completely delivered from the pain of depression. She smiled again and was soooo happy!

Another Lady, had Arthritis for 25 years, and after receiving Jesus, she was healed.

Now she discovered pain in her feet and couldn’t walk, but received her healing on Friday.

A woman had strong muscle pain 2 months ago. She could not sit or lie down. She was healed on Saturday 28th of February 2004.

A man, who had terrible headache and heart pain, was healed through the prayer of the Assistant Pastor in the church on this weekend.

In the morning he had pain again, but this time, he said, he had learned how to pray and commanded the pain to go, and it went.

Praise the Lord!


The Lord is good. Now we are looking forward to the Healing meetings we will have in Portland, Oregon, next week (10 – 16 March, 2004)

Then we continue our travel to have a Miracle Crusade arranged by It-is-Easy Ministries in Tuktoyaktuk, at the Arctic Ocean, In Canada.

For a whole week we will have constant meetings in the afternoon and evening, to make sure everyone in that city will receive Jesus and will be touched by the power of God. Many neigbours will come and visit these meetings, because of the Ice road will be open at this time due to the extreme cold (a road over a lake), which is open, and which gives many an opportunity to travel by car, rather by plane.

Please pray with us, we are believing at least for a thousand people to be saved, healed and set free!

That is how many people live in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories.

In the name of JESUS!!

We are excited to write you all this good news that the Lord is doing through us and It-Is-Easy Ministries.

We are glad for your support by praying for us regularly (we have also a prayer calendar available) and for financial support.

Right now we are pressing in for the city wide Healing Miracle Crusade in San Francisco, where we are believing for God to place a mark of God in that city among thousands of people.

We need your prayers and finances to accomplish what God has given us in our hands.

In our prayers we are praying for you.
Remain blessed

Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike with It Is Easy Ministries,

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