Delivered Of Cancer and Blessed With A Baby

Delivered Of Cancer and Blessed With A Baby

Testimony – Sonya Robillard – Canada.

In the summer of 2001 I was recovering from a molar pregnancy which caused me to miscarry four months into my first pregnancy. A few weeks after surgery I was speedily sent out to the Cross Cancer center in Edmonton to undergo chemotherapy to prevent the cancer tissue remaining in my uterus to spread to other organs in my body.

I found out that the Emenikes were coming to my home town of Yellowknife to hold miracle and healing services. From the TV interview I previewed of them I knew they were people of experience and had solid revelation of the word of God in the topics of faith, healing and our authority as believers.
God was sending them to Northern Canada to help. His love and goodness is for everyone who will believe.
God did a small miracle arranging an early release from the cancer clinic after only 3 days so that I could attend these meetings. I was determined to have a personal and powerful encounter there with the same Jesus of yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

What impressed me so much about Pastor Victor and Pastor Judith is they are genuine, real, down-to-earth, joyful and friendly people; the same behind the pulpit or just hanging out together. They live what they believe.
One thing they emphasized from the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry is that He always would preach, teach and heal. They too do as Jesus did, imparting faith to people first by explaining God’s word, because people need to believe and trust what God has promised in order to receive His gifts of salvation, healing and prosperity.
God honors this just as He says in Mark 16:20 “And the disciples went everywhere and preached, and the Lord worked with them, confirming what they said with many miraculous signs.”

My life was changed by hearing the Good News of Jesus our healer. It filled me with hope and expectancy for God to give me a miraculous recovery. As a result I finished my weekly chemo treatments in short order with NO problems. I did not have the usual side effects such as hair loss, exhaustion and nausea.
Like Pastor Victor says about healing, “It is easy”.
I was issued a clean bill of health with an MRI scan that now showed a clear lung no longer having the spot (a size of a quarter) on it. And without fear my husband and I went ahead with efforts to conceive before waiting the full year for a doctor’s consent, because The Supreme Physician had already given us His final authorization according to Exodus 15:26 and 1 Peter 2:24.
I was one of many women who had also gone forward for prayer to be blessed with a child and in August 2003 our perfect and beautiful daughter was born. There was a miracle baby boom in Yellowknife as a result of those 2001, 2002 and 2003 It-Is-Easy meetings.

JESUS IS THE ANSWER – Jesus works through Pastor Victor and Pastor Judith reversing impossible and hopeless situations into EASY VICTORIES FOR GOD!

Delivered Of Cancer and Blessed With A Baby


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