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Biography of Vern Herschberger

Vern HerschbergerThe Creative and the Prophetic.

Vern Herschberger was born in the heart of Amish country in Arthur, Illinois to an Amish family. His entire time as a youth was spent on a typical Amish farm. At an early age Vern knew that there was a desire to be creative and that farming was not to be his destiny. He graduated from high school, which was not a part of the Amish life, and left the Amish community as a teenager and later married and settled in the central Illinois area.

Vern studied and graduated from the School of Animation in Oakville, Ontario. He has worked at several large animation studios across the Midwest. Vern became interested in painting while in animation school and pursued painting as a sideline. In later life he moved his family to Texas to begin working as a cartoonist for a major health education firm. He also began working as an editorial cartoonist for several newspapers in Texas. During this entire time he continued to paint.

In 1995, while painting in his studio in Texas, the Lord spoke to Vern about painting something that affects today¹s generation (Website). From that painting was birthed the "The Ezekiel Project", and it now contains several hundred paintings. The name of the Project does not refer to the Book of Ezekiel, but to the prophetic nature of the works. These paintings are in-your-face Christianity, and are road signs or life parables. Lives are changed and creativity is released through the viewing of the paintings.

Vern and his wife Jane currently live in Trinidad, Colorado.

We want to say thanks to all those who are praying for us.

And in all we thank our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for doing such mighty work through us.


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