Vision and Purpose



The vision and the work of It Is Easy Ministries is:

  • to go into the whole world, nations, regions and cities;
  • To preach the good news about Jesus Christ to every creature,
  • To heal the sick,
  • To heal the broken hearted,
  • To proclaim liberty to the captives,
  • To proclaim that doing the works of Jesus is easy!

We are doing this by traveling extensively throughout the world, holding Mass Gospel Miracle Crusades in the open or in stadiums and by doing Healing meetings.

  • To break new ground and establish the work of God in new territories where the knowledge of God and His Word is nonexistent or insufficient;
  • To be an apostolic ministry with the desire to equip and raise anointed leaders using discipline and correction through teaching the Word of God and through personal instruction;

We accomplish this by teaching in Churches, teaching during the crusades or campaigns, and holding special Leadership Training Seminars.

  • To see the church of Jesus Christ strongly founded in the Word of God, and especially moving with His mighty power to do miracles, signs and wonders;

We accomplish this through effective teaching, with the five ascension gifts and by practical demonstration.

Our vision and  desire is:

To see that every person living on this Earth is receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour into their life.
To see that everyone who is sick is healed, free from both, physical and emotional pain and torture;

To bring a new fire among people to do the works of Jesus, being a witness to the miracles of Jesus and share it with their family, neighbors, and everyone they meet in life.

IIEM is teaching people that doing God’s work is easy. IIEM will bring the miracle and saving power of Jesus Christ into the government, touching leaders, encouraging them to follow the wisdom of God in order to rule the people in righteousness.

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