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Drs. Victor and Judith Emenike are the founders of It Is Easy Ministries, an evangelistic ministry, which demonstrates Mark 16: 17, “Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature, He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them, who believe….”

On their trips throughout the world God always has confirmed His word with mighty signs and wonders.

They have visited over 55 nations on the Continents of America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Oceania.

They have ministered on many TV and radio stations in several countries such as the Miracle Channel Canada, TBN Europe, GOD TV Europe, Philippines, Australia, Kenya and Guatemala.
Many people have received their miracles by listening or watching these programmes.

Under their ministry God heals and saves thousands. People are healed of various sicknesses. Under the power of God tumors disappear, twisted legs are made straight, people are set free from depression and many different mental illnesses are healed.

Many extraordinary creative miracles happen. Just to mention few:

  • People who have no eardrum can hear.
  • A boy could see through his glass eye.
  • Someone crippled for 40 years can walk again.
  • The deaf hear.
  • The blind see.

Both Drs. Victor and Judith Emenike are ordained Ministers of the Gospel.
Rev. Dr. Victor Emenike also has a degree in Banking and Finance.
Rev. Dr. Judith Emenike has a degree as a Registered Nurse.

They oversee churches and christian organizations.

Ministering to youth and children is a great joy for both of the Emenikes. Often they add a special healing service for children and youth. Many parents come with their sick children to these events: to receive the touch of God for themselves and for their children.

Drs. Victor and Judith Emenike are blessed with a beautiful family.
The Lord has already used their children at a young age to bring healing and restoration to families. They accompany their parents on most mission trips throughout the world.

Wherever they go, Revs. Drs. Victor and Judith minister with great spiritual strength and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their great faith in the simplicity in the Gospel of Christ has saved and helped thousands to receive their healings and miracles.

In all we thank our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for doing such mighty work through us.


Have you been healed in one of our meetings? Or have a testimony to share? Please let us know! Write us.

Drs. Victor & Judith Emenike


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