Newsletter, July 8,2003

 Newsletter, 8 July, 2003

Dear Friends and Partners in the Ministries of Jesus.

We are glad to tell you that the entire 2 months of our recent mission trip was very successful in the Lord.
Our Lord did wonderful miracles, healings, deliverances and salvations. We are so thankful to our heavenly father that we are harvesters in times such as this.

After our journey from Provo, Utah, we flew back to California, where we held meetings in San Francisco.
We held these in “The Voice of Pentecost” church, one of the largest churches in the city.
Our Lord did mighty miracles and His hand was clearly seen among His people.
We had a meeting on Wednesday evening and then continued on through Sunday morning and evening.
We continued again on Monday and Tuesday evening. The healings were outstanding and the Pastor of the San Francisco church as well as his leaders were also greatly touched by the miracle healing power of Jesus.

On Sunday June 21, we saw the Lord do some wonderful things. I will mention just a few of them.

  1. 12 people had their hearing restored.One lady was deaf in both ears, and could not hear anything, but after prayer she could hear again, and the daughter was so excited, that she was testing her mom non-stop. Another lady was deaf in one ear for 50 years! Her eardrums did not develop, when she was a child. She could hear again and was weeping all the time One man was deaf for 14 years. This was because he had meningitis as a baby. He can hear again now Another lady was deaf in one ear for 15 years. She could also hear again.
  2. Over 40 people had pain in their legs – all were healed of their pain.
  3. A young girl, 22 years of age, could not stretch her leg because of a hamstring injury. She was healed and could stretch her leg again. She danced and cried. Tears were just running down. She was scheduled to receive surgery that could have cost her thousands of Dollars. Jesus made her whole!!!
  4. Hundreds came out with eye conditions. Even the pastor gave testimony on how good and sharp he can read again.
  5. In one of the other meetings a tumor in the belly just disappeared in front of us. A man with strong symptoms of MS, confined to a wheelchair for 7 years, was miraculously healed. He stood up and was later pushing his son and his wife out of the church in his wheelchair. The next day he was already working in the garden.

This is just a small list of what we saw the Lord work among us.

After San Francisco we flew back to Edmonton, Canada. We rested there one night and continued on to Kelowna, B.C., Canada, where we were the final speakers for a program that the church there was sponsoring. This program was called “30 days of glory” and lasted for the entire month of June.

We had a great time in the new church building.
Glorious Power was released; we saw wonderful miracles, healings and salvations.
We saw people restored back into fellowship with God, which really touched our hearts.

Every evening and morning new people came.
Now, the glorious days continue and we are “Living in the days of Glory”!!!!!!!!

Before we went to California we were traveling for about 45 days. During that time we preached about 60 times.

We were really busy but enjoyed every moment.

Our kids have had a lot of fun.

In Kelowna they played a lot with the Pastor’s children. We went to visit the beach and the lake. We also went to the water park and enjoyed the heat.

God is a good God.
As He says in His Word, Don´t forget all his benefits and his goodness.

It is wonderful to serve such an easy going God, called Elohim, Yahweh Raphah and Jesus.

Please pray for strength.

We continue to schedule more meetings. There will be meetings at the end of the month of July in Victoria and Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, Canada. In October we will have a citywide crusade in Utah. This will be in Salt Lake City and the surrounding suburbs of Provo and Lehi. This will involve all like-minded churches of the area, as we have already mentioned in the previous newsletter.

We are also going to have meetings in California again, as we take advantage of the many new open doors that the Lord has given us.

But in all, please pray for finances. The reason for this is that the Lord has spoken to us to do citywide crusades. This also is what we want to do, in order to reach thousands of unbelievers for Jesus, to strengthen the believers and to teach them how they can do the same things.

“Go into all the world …”

Greetings and blessings
Pastors Victor and Judith Emenike and the children

P.S. When the Lord speaks to you to support us please write us or check our website. The link to “Financial support” can be found on the main page of in the contact section. When you open that page you will find the different ways you can support us in this way. God bless you in all your faithfulness.

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